September 26, 2007

After an extremely rocky start, I finally am able to post. It turns out, it was a matter of turning off the visual editor. There are some excellent support people (volunteers none-the-less) who are available to help people like me. I appreciate this greatly because it would have never occured to me to turn off the visual editor. In fact, I really wasn’t actually aware that it was on–or even what it is. Duh.

I am one of those odd-ball knitters (I presume this from what I read on other blogs) who feels compelled to have no more than one work in progress. Right now, I am breaking that pattern with two projects on the needles: a pair of socks and a shawl that l I started in a lace knitting workshop taught by Myrna Stahman this past weekend.

Well, there are a couple other small projects that I just haven’t gotten around to frogging (Kerry Blue Shawl in a Faroe Island wool from Sirri). I used the Sirri yarn to knit Icarrus (Interweave Knits) and although I like the way it turned out, one shawl from that fiber is plenty for me.

Icarus Shawl


Icarus closeup

Also, I started MS3; but, the pattern just didn’t grab me as much as I like and there are SO many things to knit out there. So, off the needles it will come. I just have to find time. This will be a bit more tedious to frog because of the bead retrieval.


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