Does the world really need another knitting blog?

October 1, 2007

I thought about this quite a bit over the weekend. I thought about it especially as I was reading Wendy Knits, My Never-Ending Adventures in Yarn by Wendy D. Johnson.

Wendy enjoys over 3 (or was it 4?) million hits a day on her blog. She has knitted for years. She designs things for cripes sakes. What can I possible offer that she, and dozens of other similarly talented knitters, haven’t already posted or done?

Well, I thought about that long and hard. I also thought about the fact that although I have enough sock yarn to keep me busy for the next year, it hasn’t stopped me from ordering four skeins of the delicious-looking Wollmeise from Claudia in Germany. Nor did it stop me from making a tremendous number of new purchases in the past two or three weeks. See:
Newest Aquisitions

So, in the same spirit that drives stash enhancement, I decided to go forth with this blog. My knitting seems to be all about obsession and excess. Why not another knitting blog to reflect this?

Meanwhile, just to show that I actually do something besides shop for yarn, here’s a photo of the socks I am working on. These are being worked in ShibuiKnits Bark. I LOVE this yarn. A non-knitting friend described it best when she touched the toe of these and said, “Wow, that feels like suede!” Nice to knit with too; although, I did end up dropping down a needle size to come up with that nice dense suede-like feel.
ShiBuiKnits Socks in Progress
I used one of Wendy Johnson’s toe-up patterns to get started; but, with this dark color decided a simple texture stitch would be best. So, I scoured a little stitch dictionary from the library and came up with this Bamboo Rib pattern. I’m thinking of an Eye of the Partridge heel stitch using Wendy’s gusset for the shaping.

P.S. That tail in the stash photo? That would be Jakob providing the obligatory-animal-part-adjacent-to-yarn shot. I am learning by reading all these knitting blogs.


One Response to “Does the world really need another knitting blog?”

  1. Wendy Says:

    I for one LOVE the tail in the yarn shot!

    Your sock in progress looks lovely!

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