More Accountability

October 3, 2007

I suppose a part of accountability has to be a regularity in posting. Even when I don’t feel like it. Like today.

None-the-less, I did want to mention that I checked out Montse Stanley’s Knitter’s Handbook from our local library (ISBN 0-89577-467-4). I thought I would just browse the first part until I got to something more interesting. To my delight, the first part is interesting.

Montse gives a bit of discussion to the relationship between yarn and pattern. She points out that a smooth yarn emphasizes a smooth pattern and a rugged yarn can counter a smooth pattern. Yes, this as well as several other of her observations are obvious; but, not until you think about it and I never thought about it until she pointed it out to me. Key points that hit home:

  • Boucle yarn will make a knobbier fabric in a pattern with lots of purl stitches because the yarn bumps naturally stay on the purl side.
  • A shiny yarn will look shiner with a pattern that has a lot of knit stitches and will loose some of its sheen on a pattern with more purl stitches.
  • Lace patterns and yarn weight are highly variable. Delicate patterns and delicate yarns are an obvious choice. But, I think, based upon Montse’s comments it is clear that some chunky yarns will work well with lace patterns while others will not.

Since I am keeping an eye out for a lace pattern that I could use to knit an afghan, so this last point is especially interesting to me. As she recommends, swatches will be in order to get the most pleasing combination of pattern and yarn.

I did like the Hemlock Ring pattern that many people are working on now; but, I want something that is rectangular. I am also interested trying a Niebling pattern. Is a rectangular Niebling that could be knitted in some bulky yarn that I already have in stash too much to ask?


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