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October 4, 2007

DHC. That’s the word for today. Actually, it’s the brand for today. Here in Colorado, things get pretty dry. Among one of the drier things around right now are my hands. This can be a problem for knitting. It gets worse when we run the woodstove full time instead of just occasionally like we are now.

Last year I found a remedy that works surprisingly well: DHC UR Cream. DHC makes some pretty nice products; but, this has to be among my favorites.

DHC UR Cream and Camille Beckman Coronet Cream

In the winter, the skin near my thumbnails will split. I can completely prevent this if I use the UR cream at night before I go to bed, with a coating of a heavier hand cream over the top. My current favorite “top-coat” is Camille Beckman Coronet Cream–laden with lanolin. Use just a small dab of each. Too much of the UR Cream and it starts to ball up as you rub it in.

DHC has a referral program. I think if you give them my name, Ruth Carapella, and customer number (1564177) we both get a discount. But, I would recommend their products even without the program. They are just a nice company to do busines with and their products are good. Camille Beckman does not have such a program that I know of. You can usually find their hand creams in drugstores or gift shops. I think you can buy online too.

If dry hands are a problem for you, maybe this rememdy could help you out too.


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