Row Counting Trick

October 5, 2007

Last night as I was knitting, I got so embarrassed about posting pictures of my work in a blog. Who am I kidding! Actually, I wasn’t knitting and perhaps that was the problem. I was using a crochet hook to work back and fix stitches that had an errant strand sticking out and to change the column on which I had started the Bamboo Rib pattern. Fixing problems is always a disheartening activity until it’s done. Then, things look up a bit.

While I was working up and down each column of knitting, I thought perhaps my row counting trick might be valuable to some other sock knitters. Although, I am sure that most other people have already figured this out!

When I have to set my knitting down, I insert an empty needle into the pattern repeat that corresponds to the row I’m on. If I’ve completed all the repeats and am ready to start the next pattern, then I place it horizontally in the sock.

In the photo below, the smaller sock, the one that’s on magic loop, all four main pattern rows are complete. I’m ready to start the two pattern rows so the needle is horizontal. This pattern is so simple I don’t count for these rows; although, I suppose I could. It’s just easier to indicate that this is where I am. In the larger of the two socks, the one on DPN, I’m ready to start row 1, so the needle is in the first pattern repeat–in this case the first column of the Bamboo Rib.

I’m not sure if I’m explaining this well, so I added numbers that show how I count across. Each number corresponds to the row number I’ll be on when I place the needle to set the work down.

Pattern Row Count Tracking

Obviously, on these socks, I am using a really, really simple pattern. But, this trick works with “more complex” patterns too. I stared using it on my Wendy’s Cabletini Toe-up Socks. I don’t see it wouldn’t work on many other patterns too.



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