Daily Posting

October 9, 2007

Well, I think’s fair to discount weekends. I don’t work on my computer on the weekends because I am glued to the screen during all normal work hours. My eyes need a rest.

I also think it’s fair to discount holidays. With the post office and the bank being closed yesterday, I think we can officially count Columbus Day as a holiday. Not that anyone else gets the day off.

So, I am going to consider daily posting a promise well-kept at this point. Besides, it’s been horribly busy here with all the things we have going on, not the least of which is the home improvement work. Richard has been putting in new windows. To give you an idea, here are the upstairs windows.
Good side:


Bad side:


Knitting has progressed ever-so-slowly:

Bamboo Bark Socks

The pattern is brainless and extremely stretchy. This is good because I knit while I’m waiting to hear which tool/object I am to fetch next. They fit well so far. I’m about halfway through the gusset on one sock and just starting it on the other.

I did come across a very nice blog that will be a resource when I get to my lace afghan:
The Doily Underground. Check it out!


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