Kim is the Best!

October 30, 2007

My Knitters Tea Swap partner Kim is the BEST!!! She sent me not one, not two, not three, but FOUR skeins of yarn and the most delicious brownies (four!! of them too). But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s the story.

I put this package together for her:

Kim's Tea Swap Box

Then this came up for a night or two:

Moonrise over Blanca from our yard

And another view:

Moonrise over Blanca

You can see why they call this mountain range the Sangre de Cristos, or Blood of Christ. The early Spanish settlers were taken in by the red glow of these mountains as the sun sets. It is a lovely site, especially when moonrise conincides with sunset as it did this month. But, back to the story.

I couldn’t get to the post office on Saturday, even though I knew the package was there waiting for me. Finally, yesterday, Monday, the resident non-knitter was able to swing by after work. He brought home this incredible combination of treats and goodies:

My Tea Swap Box

The tea is quite nice. I am especially fond of the Viva en Verde, but, I haven’t tried all three yet. The little dark object in front is a tin of green tea mints! Very tasty. And in addition to the 2 fantastic skeins of yarn that Kim hand dyed her self, she sent two skeins of Shibui Knits in Wasabi (the color that I most wanted–how did she know??) which is enough to make a very tall pair of socks. Best of all, me being a brownie fanatic, are incredible brownies from a bakery that is located close to where she works. They are SO GOOD!

Plus, there are two boxes of cookies and a pattern that I really like for the swirling lace anklets. Can’t wait to cast those babies on! (however, next socks on the needles are for the resident non-knitter, and I’m pretty certain that he doesn’t want swirling lace anklets so these will have to wait.) To top it off, she sent the cutest little card wtih a green knitter on the front. This card is a keeper for sure. Green is my favorite color. Everything was wrapped in green tissue paper the same color as the Wasabi yarn. How did she know?!

Kim, you ROCK! Did I mention not one, not two, not three, but FOUR skeins of yarn? And brownies!!!


2 Responses to “Kim is the Best!”

  1. two gurus in drag Says:

    Four Skeins!

  2. elizaduckie Says:

    I’m catching up on your blog entries. I had to read your profile after admiring the pics of those gorgeous mountains…just to see where they were located.

    I have a condo in CO where my two married daughter’s and a granddaughter live and the views of the Flatirons and the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains are glorious…your mountain views are amazing too! Thanks for the bit of history you included.

    One irreplaceable benefit of living within sight of mountains is just that! One is almost always within the sight of them.

    In FL where I live the rest of the year I am supposed to be fairly near the water [a bay off the Gulf of Mexico]…who would know? Unless you live right on the water, or you are being flooded by it, you rarely get to see it! FL is very flat, there are no views of the water from a Wallmart’s parking lot [or everywhere one may drive] as there are of the mountains in CO!

    A bit of heaven indeed — I never get bored with them or blase about them!

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