What! Me Post?

November 30, 2007

It’s been a while. Work. Visit from mom. Holiday. Work. None-the-less I did fit a bit of knitting in. I didn’t fit a bit of blogging in. Oh well. One of these days I’ll get into the routine, find my voice, and this will be worth reading. For now, life goes on and it is what it is. Meanwhile . . .

Ta Da! Finished Shibui Knits Bark socks!

ShiBui Knits in Bark

Eye of the Partridge Heel

I’m pretty happy with these. I’ve actually worn them about a half dozen or more times already. They fit well and I like the stretch of the bamboo rib pattern. Looks nice, I think. Yes, I would recommend the ShiBui Knits yarn. Pleasant to work with, warm to wear and interesting colors to choose among.

I even started on the next pair. This one is for the resident non-knitter. I’m using a yarn from Classic Elite–Alpaca Sox. I went down to a US 0 (2.0 mm) needle for the foot and I wish I would have had an even smaller needle for the sole. I think a 1.75 mm would have been nice.

Classic Ellite's Alpaca Sox yarn

They have progressed fairly nicely. I’m using a highly modified (read simplified) version of Yarnisima’s Firestarter pattern that I picked up for free at The Loopy Ewe. Modifications were needed since the resident non-knitter has big feet. Additionally, even though he said he didn’t mind the fancy work on the side when I initially showed him the pattern, he about blew a gasket four days later when he actually looked at the pattern. Of course, I’d been plugging away over those four days and for a millisecond, my heart fluttered and I thought “These could be for me!” This yarn is lovely soft.

He said, in a rather frantic tone, “You aren’t making me those, I’ll never wear those. Those are girly socks.”

But, a sense of commitment to finish what I had promised prevailed. “No worries,” I explained, “Look, no cable.”

I did the “highlighted” stitches with the knit in the back loop as the pattern calls for; but, I left out all the twists. Just lines of raised stitches basically. He calmed down considerably and has even allowed more than one try-on. This was an emphatic point early on, “I’m not trying those things on more than once while you make them.”

Why am I subjecting myself to this? In my somewhat diabolical way of thinking, I have this belief that he will realize hand-knitted socks are indeed “NICE” when he puts a finished pair on. I am hoping this leads to a bit less harassment for my interest in knitting socks. I know it is a futile wish. But, hey, a girl can dream.

Mom wants a pair too. Oh well. I’ve gotten really good at rotating the three pairs I have managed to make for myself so far this year. Someday, pairs 4 through 7 will materialize in my sock drawer and I’ll be a Happy Camper.


One Response to “What! Me Post?”

  1. knitwhimsies Says:

    Men! I’m sure once they are finished and he has worn them he will change his tune! 🙂

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