Which Category do You Fit In?

November 30, 2007

Maybe I’ve just been looking in all the wrong places; but, lately, I’ve been seeing two kinds of knitting blogs. Half are written by attractive, thin, young blonde women who knit amazingly fast. The other half are written by middle aged, slightly overweight, older white women, who knit amazingly fast. I fear I fall into the latter category minus the knitting amazingly fast part.

So, it was with delight that I stumbled across Does Anybody Give a Damn? today. Deawn lists her occupation as “Diva” and has some absolutely fantastic photos of guinea pigs. Oh yes, and she knits too. Her Clapotis is lovely. I strongly recommend a trip down the page to look at some of Deawn’s older posts, including the August 29 one regarding a museum in Iceland. What a hoot!

Along the same vein, I thought I would include one photo of some yarn p*rn.

Yarn from The Knittery in Australia

Once again, Jakob is providing the obligatory-animal-part-adjacent-to-yarn shot. Thanks Jake!

I got the yarn at The Knittery’s closeout sale on 100 percent Merino wool for socks. 15 percent off. Might as well buy four skeins if you are shipping to the US. That’s where the postal price break is.


3 Responses to “Which Category do You Fit In?”

  1. Teresa (NC) Says:

    I fit into the second category without the knitting amazingly fast or even slightly fast. However, I would say you DO knit amazingly fast according to the socks and how fast those seem to be knitting up. Amazingly fast by my standards since I just plod along. I get things finished but they do take me some time.

  2. Karin Says:

    Middle aged, slightly overweight brunette who knits amazingly slow (not if you consider all the other things I waste time on: work, quilt, read….)

  3. annaliza Says:

    Middle aged, not overweight but not skinny, brunette, mixed race. Slowish, loose-gauge knitter and easily distracted by other crafts such as beading and needle felting. My co-blogger, Lyda, is a middle aged white woman who quilts and is a beginning knitter. Not fast, but knits very very tightly.

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