More on the RAK Contest

December 8, 2007

Hi! What an awesome bunch of people are out there. It’s really exciting to hear about all the great things that people have done. I was a little concerned that I had breached some netiquette by not checking with Sheri before I blantantly copied her contest idea. But after she posted here on Friday, I emailed her and asked if I had done a bad thing.

She said, “Goodness, no. The more RAKs that we can promote, the better things are all around! I’m thrilled to know that this has grown! Hugs, Sheri”

So, very cool. If anyone is wondering, we’ll follow all the same posting guidelines, etc that Sheri established (ie. the more RAKS the merrier) so post away!

Please feel free to link to the contest!


2 Responses to “More on the RAK Contest”

  1. Gayle hardy Says:

    Knitting is how I express myself, and it’s what I can do to make the world a better place. I’ve been knitting since I was a very little girl, and I’ve also enjoyed doing acts of kindness, so it just makes the most sense. I now knit professionally, spreading my wares locally through craft shows and in a local book store, but knitting to keep others warm happens at the same time. A few years ago , my teen son, experiencing difficulty growing up, was sent by us to an outdoor education program for troubled boys on the Canadian border. A lot of the benefit to them comes from having to learn to work together in a rustic and very cold community. My son is very fortunate to have everything he needs, but most of these other boys, from age 10-18 , were not. One way I felt I could give back, and to stay conected to my son, was to knit 20 hats for the boys in his group, and the counselors. They were happily rec’d and appreciated openly by all of them. It warmed my heart while my son was away.
    Now I knit for the families in my town. I ask the town administrators for a family in need, and anonomously make the warm weather gear they require, specifically for them. It gives me a smile to see a mom or a little child walking by in the market with one of my hats or scarves on.
    In the bigger world, I knit for the Dulaan project, trying to keep the children and parents in Mongolia warm and alive in their freezing climate, sending off a box every summer.
    And sadly, there are way too many in my local community who need a warm, but stylish chemo cap to cover their beautiful healing heads while in treatment.
    Wow, I didn’t realize I’d been this busy.’Feels good though.

  2. graygirl Says:

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. My commute to work is brutal to say the least! I have been trying really hard to be a polite driver. Let me tell you it is not easy… have to be a very aggressive driver to get to where you are going. I have been VERY courteous this week!!!! Trust me…. is a major RAK!!!!

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