“Shaping a hat” or “Why I like knitting”

February 4, 2008

I liked the resident non-knitter’s hat so much I decided I wanted a nice hand-knitted watch cap for me. I cast on with some lovely blue face leicester sock wool I had (yuhhmm!) in celery green with hints of blue and pink and boldly went forth. I have 192 stitches in K2P2 ribbing. I’ve worked in the round on 16 inch, 2.0 mm circular needles (or was it 2.25??–I’ll have to go check that one) and I now have an 8.125 inch long tube. Time to start decreases.

Here’s the big dilemma, decrease in 4 sections or 8? Using my handy graphics software, I plotted how an 8-section decrease might end up being shaped. Very nice shape with no blocking required.

Then, I plotted a 4-section decrease. Not as smooth, a little more pointy, but it looks like I can come up with a pretty nice decrease design. It should smooth nicely with some careful blocking. So, will an 8-section decrease pattern look too crowded on the hat? I like the “pin-wheel” pattern the 4-section decrease made on the resident non-knitter’s hat. The decreases stand out rather nicely and look attractive. But, his hat was on a size 3.25 mm and it had less stitches around. With smaller stitches, the 8 section decrese patttern may turn out just fine. Ah, so many choices.

Maybe this is why I like knitting. Either way, this hat will probably come out OK, and if it doesn’t, a tink-ing I will go. No big deal. I wish all of the decisions in my life were so easy to make and so easy to remedy if they don’t turn out the way I want.


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