What’s keeping me from knitting

February 14, 2008

Yet unnamed

8 weeks today

Yep, we got a new member of the household. If you have read prior posts, you might remember that we lost our 14-year old dachshund last July. There was much debate about a new dog. We decided no, didn’t want one. But then, I saw this ad in the classifieds for Rat Terriers. Both the resident non-knitter and I thought that Rat Terriers were very hairy little dogs. That appealed to us. So we went to “just look.”

We got there, and clearly this is not a hairy dog. We thought the guy was trying to pull one over on us. So, home we came, and I looked on the web just to verify that we were right and he didn’t have a clue on the kind of dogs he was raising (arrogant or what!!).

Instead we discovered that he did know what he had. We also discovered that Rat Terriers, according to many, are very nice dogs with few if any major health concerns. Easy to train. Hardy. Sociable. Entertaining.

So scratch Pug off the list, scratch Boston Terrier off the list, and come home with an 8-week old Rat Terrier puppy.

Do we regret the decision? Well, she’s been with us three days and she slept soundly all night last night. She wets outside when I take her out. She will mess on the carpet; but, seems to prefer the puppy pad or outside if given a choice. She knows what “no” means and respects it when I tell her “no.” Do I sound like the proud mamma?

All that’s left is a name. Contenders: Aster (a flower that is a symbol of love), Opal (she has the coloration of common opal, a gemstone with healing properties), Elsie (don’t her markings make her look like a little cow?), and . . . well I like Lexi, Alex, and a few others too. Got some suggestions for us?

P.S. By the way, I did finish the hat. I wear it every morning and evening when I feed horses. One of these days I’ll get the resident non-knitter to take a picture of it for me.


3 Responses to “What’s keeping me from knitting”

  1. Chris Says:

    Congrats to the proud mama. Could I have a clone of that dog, please? She’s such a charmer. And although Opal is my favorite I can see why you struggle with the name. They are all cute. And Elsie would really sound well along with Jacob. To make matters worse there is another suggestion: Lucy. Maybe you should imagine what it sounds like when you have to call her from afar. Eeeeelsie sounds nice, while Aaaaaaaster sounds a bit odd. I have to admit that Oooooopal sounds strange, too. How about Josie from Josephine. Jacob & Josephine sounds like the next Walt Disney movie ;-))).
    Have fun and keep on posting. I have discovered that I have to read your blog more often.

  2. knitwhimsies Says:

    Awww.. Congrats! She is adorable! I really like Elsie for her.

    If you are still looking for the right name, we always try to think of literary or musical names our pets (Arlo, Corrina, Pandora, etc.).

  3. Your post was automatically attached to my post about my new rat terrier. My blog is normally about knitting too.

    We’ve had our dog for two days now and things are going well. I really like his personality.

    Good luck with your puppy!

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