We’ve reached a truce

February 21, 2008

We’ve settled, for the time being, on the name “Opal” for the newest family member.
Opal with Christmas Man in the background
She’s a ball of fire! In the background of the picture above, you can see one of her favorite toys. I call it “Christmas Man.” Note the red nose on Christmas Man right above her head. This is happy thing. It means that instead of my fingers, she bites the nose part of the time.

We’ve reached a knitting truce. She lets me knit occasionally. In exchange, I tickle her belly, pull toys around the house on strings, hold her in my lap, feed her, clean up poop, take her outside, show her where to look for mice, teach her how to be nice to Jakob, let her chew on my zipper pulls, give her bits of mail to play with and otherwise serve as playmate, mom and teacher.

Even so, I did manage to finish one of the scratchy socks except for the kitchener at the toe. The other sock just needs another inch or so before I start toe decreases. If all goes well, I’ll finish them tonight and move onto The Knittery cashmere/merino. YUMM.

New aquisitions include some wonderful yarn from Miss Babs.
Miss Babs
Don’t you just love the Rose Garden skein?
Rose Garden
Also stunning are the Pigeon Roof Studios:
Above: Dovecoat. Below: Fig.

Ah, the luxury of more yarn than time. It is so lovely to crawl up into the loft where I keep the yarn and be away from Miss Opal and her little milk teeth for a moment or two. I pet the yarn, look at all the colors, dream about what I will knit and then descend back into the Wild Kingdom.

Spend a few minutes with Opal in the evening and it won’t be a mystery why the resident non-knitter and I keep humming the song “Wild Thing.”


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