Dogs, knitting and short row toes

February 29, 2008

I like to knit a few hours every evening; but, Opal is preventing this. She has found that she can really get my attention FAST if she grabs either my working yarn or the ball of yarn out of the basket. I have become crafty at hiding the yarn. My armpit is one of the more secure locations, but it is hard to knit smoothly because I have to unclamp my arm every time I need more working yarn and you can’t have any yarn dangling or she clamps on and pulls. Hard.

We still love her. Maybe this is why:

Opal in my lap while I work

Most of the day, this is how my lap looks while I work.

In the evening wild dog comes out. No camera is fast enough to catch that action. It’s a whirlwind of milk teeth, claws and faster-than-light movement. Even so, I managed to start, frog, start, frog, start, frog . . . I better just quit here because truth be known, I lost track of how many times I started and frogged the provisional cast on, short-row toe in the Anne Hanson Teosinte socks. This toe has a double wrap that I can’t seem to pick up smoothly. I end up with a bump and it looks bad to boot.

Here’s what I’m doing. Tell me if you see the error of my ways. PLEASE!!

On the knit side, I’m picking up the two wraps from the bottom, then sliding the needle into the stich the wraps are wrapping in a normal knit fashion. I knit the stitch, then pass both wraps over the knitted stitch. Wrap and turn, creating the double wrap on the next stitch and purl back.

When I get to that double-wrapped stitch on the purl side, I have been performing some gymnastics, which makes me think I’m doing it ALL wrong.

According to something I saw somewhere online, you are supposed to pick up the purl wraps from the public side of the work (or back side of the needles as you are working). Pick up both wraps from the bottom up and then purl the stitch as normal, then pass the wrapped stitches over. Wrap and turn creating the next double-wrap stitch on that side.

I thought about taking a photo of what my end result is, but I was too disgusted. Bumps, weirdly angled stitches, nasty-looking stuff.

I finally gave up and went on with the foot. I got through one pattern repeat and decided they looked a little big, tried them on and these socks swim on my feet! So I frogged again, and redid my guage swatch. Weird. I’m spot on with the guage. I know Hanson is an excellent designer. I’m sure the fault is mine. But what?

So, my thought was to put this pattern aside until I have a stiffer, more tightly twisted yarn. I was using The Knittery cashmere/merino sock yarn and it’s so soft that:
1. I’m wearing it out.
2. It’s harder to manipulate. It splits fairly easily. Especially now that it’s been knit and reknit so many times.

Meanwhile, this lovely yarn is all ready to go: 8 stitches to the inch on a 2.5 needle. Suggestions?


2 Responses to “Dogs, knitting and short row toes”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hello Ruth
    As for the toe up: There are several video demonstrations on you tube if you search for toe up. Why don’t you just choose another one?
    As for the pattern: Boyfriend Socks? She asks maliciously ;-)))
    But seriously. How does the colorway look like?
    All the best for the doggy, the yarn and yourself

  2. Toni Says:

    I think the purl wraps are picked up from the top down… I can give you a link to a website or two that might help. Let me know if you want them.

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