Little caps

March 5, 2008

All week, I’ve been finding these little caps in various spots around the house. They are not very big. Maybe an inch across by an inch tall and they are solid plastic. What could they be? There were four all together, and when I saw one, I would just pick it up and set it somewhere. One on the guest bed, one on the kitchen counter, one on the bathroom counter, and this morning, one in my office on the desk. Next to the crackers and tea mug and almost on top of the project I’m working on. I’ve touched them, set them down and variously went about my way.

Mystery Caps

Yesterday, I was on my way into the kitchen to grab some almonds to snack on when I found one on the floor. That’s the one I set on the kitchen counter. No worries. We’ll figure it out sooner or later. So, I grabbed the almonds and munched my way back into the office.

I figured sooner or later I woud realize what they were and probably I was placing them close to their source. Curtain rod ends? No. Probably something to do with the resident non-knitter’s tools for the window replacement project (which is finally finished! but that’s another post.) Maybe they are the caps to some tool ends or something. I knew Opal was involved in this. Whatever they are.

Finally, this morning, she proudly carried into my office the toothbrush I use to scrub the hinges on the toilet seats. I had it shoved into the toilet brush keeper which is stored behind the guest bath toilet.

It dawned on me. Those little caps? Those are the caps that go over the bolts that hold the toilets to the floor. Gross. I’ve been touching them, setting them on the counter, eating after I touch them: yuck, yuck, yuck.

Thank goodness I also have some hand sanitizer on my desk.


2 Responses to “Little caps”

  1. knitwhimsies Says:

    hee. the joys of puppyhood. 🙂

  2. Chris Says:

    Haha, these stories are so funny, if happening to sb. else. LOL. And a big relief. It’s not only me who experiences things like that. Only I manage to do this without a little doggy.

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