Some things are easier than others

March 11, 2008

I don’t know why that last pair of socks were so hard. No worries now though. They’ve been frogged and the yarn is resting. Meanwhile, I wait, and wait, and wait for the KnitPicks needles to arrive. I need them for The Loopy Ewe Dream In Color Sweater KAL.

I presume that most every one who is participating in this KAL has their yarn and has started now-except me. I ordered the needles on 27 February. I have been checking the package’s progress. It went from Ohio to Colorado to Ohio to Colorado and then it hit the wall. Somewhere in Denver.

The needles were supposed to be delivered on Saturday and I made a special trip in to town to the post office to pick them up. But, they weren’t there. I called yesterday to see what is going on and KnitPicks told me they can’t do anything about the delay until Thursday. On Thursday, if I still haven’t gotten them, they will reship the order. Great. And how many days will that take?

While the sweater languishes, I decided to “play” with some other yarn I wound up last August or so in preparation for the resident non-knitter’s socks. Back then, when I started to cast this yarn on, he told me there was no way he could possibly wear socks made from anything this rough and scratchy. Hmmm. This is Austermann Step infused with jojoba and aloe vera. It’s a delight to work with and is very soft. I could see the challenge facing me with his socks. Oh well, they’ll have to be my socks. bummer. yeah. real upset.

Anyway, the wound balls sat into rest mode until this past weekend. On Friday, bored with the complete and total lack of sweater progress, I cast on 68 stitches and started a 1-stitch ribbing. Why 68? I don’t really know. I had looked at some pattern that used 2 mm needles and that’s what it called for. I did an inch of K1P1 ribbing. Looked OK. Switched to cable needle and tried them on. Fit over heel.


Now that I had started, I decided to look for a pattern. I discovered that the Milanese Lace pattern used here calls for a 6-stitch repeat plus 2. Well, that would work. Next thing I know, I’ve got 6 inches of the leg on one sock knitted and the other is moving along nicely. I love the texture of this pattern.

Austermann Step yarn

While I’m at it, I should show off my Knitzi.


Not only do I have a slotted Knitzi and a custom Knitzi bag, I have an unslotted Knitzi for my crochet hook, extra needles, etc. It’s great! No more bent needles and everything fits very nicely together for transport. I haven’t lost a tapestry needle since I got it.

Knitzi ready to go

I recommend this product to anyone who travels with their sock knitting. As you can see, it packs up very nicely with both the slotted and unslotted Knitzi’s, my glasses, a tape measure and a small bag of stitch markers, which are, by the way, not really needed. Somehow, they just ended up in the bag and they haven’t found their way back to the knitting storage yet. It’s a little more compact to just put the stitch markers I need inside the unslotted Knitzi. Even if you don’t travel with your sock knitting, check out the Knitzi site for the nice sock pattern they offer.

Lest you think that the little caps did me in and we got rid of the devil dog, here’s proof we still have her.

Regal Opal

She adds a certain element of fun mixed with utter and total hysteria to our household. The resident non-knitter gave me a break this morning and took her with him. It’s so quiet here today. How can one, very small, 5-pound creature completely turn a normal house into a mad house/freak show/carnival/MESS?


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