Oh sad day

March 13, 2008

I guess it was bound to happen. A hole.

This was pair three. Socks that Rock lightweight in Grandma’s flower garden color or something like that. I finished them in the fall, and they have seen a fair amount of use. But, so did pair four, the Shibui Bamboo Rib Bark socks. They are still going strong. Pair two, the Trekking XXL done in the Mossy Cottage pattern also saw a tremendous amount of wear; but, maybe not quite as much as the other two. I never put any of them in the machine. All washed by hand.

I tried to come up with an estimate on the total number of days worn. My guess would be close to 50. Possibly as few as 40. I wore them in everyday shoes. I also wore them a lot with my Crocs around the house. Maybe these got worn a little more than the others. I do love this color!

I guess I need to figure out how to repair them. Since these were made with a toe up pattern, I used almost all the yarn. I just have a tiny little ball left and I presume I should repair both socks while I am at it. Hints?

And tell me this: why is it that all the extra emphasis goes into the heel stitch and no extra work goes into the sole of the heel which, as this pair shows, is where I wear my socks out? Everything I read when I knitted my first pair of socks indicated that the K1 slip one stitch pattern helps the socks to wear better.

I don’t get it. Is it “wear” as in feels more comfortable when wearing? Or is it “wear” as in wear out?

Someday, maybe next winter, I’ll have so many pairs of socks knitted that I won’t have to put the socks to such heavy use. The three pairs I had were in quite a rotation. On. Off. Wash. Hang to dry. Next pair on. Off. Wash. Hang to dry. Last pair on. Off. Wash. Hang to dry. First pair on. off . . . .

On the positive side, I finally got on top of keeping that hideous mauve sink in the master bath clean. If I had only come up with a way to wash them in the shower I might have been able to keep on top of the mineral and soap buildup in the hideous mauve shower.

I may have to add a category to this blog for bathroom fixtures. I sure seem to talk about them a lot lately.


One Response to “Oh sad day”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hi Ruth,

    What a shame. I never had problems with SocksThatRockYarn, but I think I do have a lot more socks to wear in the loop. (Not counting the ones that still need their mate. LOL) It’s really worth fixing them because the color is so awesome. I can tell because that skein is residing in my stash as well.
    Success with the maintenance.

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