Progress Update

March 21, 2008

I promised a few pictures of some finished objects. Here’s the hat (which I REALLY like). I am sure that I look like a dork when I wear it. But, because:

  • It is BFL wool. (I’m almost positive I bought this Gypsy Knits from The Loopy Ewe-see link on side.)
  • I made it extra long so when I fold it up it covers my ears completely with two layers.
  • I love the colors.
  • I wear it anyway. It keeps me really warm. This was most welcome when our temperatures were 10 below F in the morning and I was out feeding horses. Unfortunately, I didn’t have it finished when our temperatures were 20 and 30 below. Next year. If we are still here. More on that topic at a later date.

    The hat

    Next up, the scratchy socks. Not so scratchy anymore. I have worn them a couple of times and they have softened up so much that now I am afraid they will wear out quickly. Oh well. Quick knit, inexpensive wool and they do keep my feet warm.

    The notsoscratchy socks

    I ended up buying enough yarn to make two more pairs in two different colors. All self-patterning. The yarn was on sale, so it ended up being less than $10 for one pair and about $12 for the other pair. Boring knit. Nice socks.

    The sweater is still a work in progress. The Knitpicks needles did eventually arrive. I like them. But, the cable that comes with the set isn’t really long enough to knit both fronts and the back. I struggled for a couple of nights, then went ahead and ordered all three sizes of longer cables and harmony wood tips in sizes 4-7. Man, I wish I owned that company. They have us knitterly types pegged for sure.

    Do you like the color combo?

    Dream in Color Ruby River and navy Kid Seta

    I don’t know how true to life the colors in the picture are because this combination changes color in every light. Sometimes I love it; sometimes it’s hideous. Occasionally, I think that when I finish this and wear it, it will look so elegant and will totally reflect the pattern’s intended Chanel influence. I picture myself all tall and thin and drop dead gorgeous in it.

    Then, reality sets in. Who in the **** am I kidding? Short, chubby, old lady in obviously handknit clothing. People will catch a glimpse of me out of the corner of their eye, forces beyond their control will rocket their head around so they can get a better look at this freak as the thought streams into their consciousness: “My god woman, do you know what you look like? GET A LIFE!!”

    Hmm. Frogging in my future?

    Yarn is Dream in Color Classy from The Loopy Ewe in Ruby River and a navy Kid Seta from Bonnie’s Spinning Wheel in St. Cloud, MN. I do like the broken rib pattern on the front. I’m following the JaspeRed pattern from Knitter’s Fall 2007.

    And of course, here is the progress update that is most interesting:


    As you can see, some things have not changed. She’s still a little hellion. But, she has GROWN!!! Get a load of those legs in the picture below where she does the “dog” thing to Jakob. Do they have to do that?

    Do they have to do that?

    And here she is making sure our large feline, Ida Rose Parker, doesn’t eat her food:

    Ida Rose and Opal

    Ida Rose likes to eat. She and I have some common personality traits; she likes mice the way I like chocolate. The resident non-knitter finds this particular trait, the mouse eating, more endearing in cat than I think he would in me. So, we are thankful for small things. Ida Rose put on winter weight again; but, we are hopeful she will trim down to a svelte 12 or 13 pounds in the summer. Who are we kidding? Like me, this cat will never be svelte.

    No posts for the next week while we travel in northern California. Can’t wait! We’re flying into Eureka, traveling south to Port Arena, heading inland to Cloverdale and then north to Trinidad Bay and home. Wine anyone?


    One Response to “Progress Update”

    1. Chris Says:

      Hi Ruth,
      don’t worry, the sweater WILL look gorgeous on you. In Germany we have a saying: It’s not the clothes you wear but the way you are wearing them. If you walk the streets feeling like the tall and svelte goddess you will look just like that. Ever seen Oliver Hardy ballet dance? He actually looked gracefull. Not that I would dare to compare you with him in other regards ;-))).
      Have fun in wine-heaven and get some nice yarn there as well and no hangovers.

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