April 25, 2008

Is that a cool word or what? Meronym. I subscribe to couple of a word-of-the-day services and this one was the word-of-the-day from The Visual Thesaurus. This is how they explained what it means:

Words ending in -nym are all treasures for word lovers because they denote classes of words with particular qualities. Meronyms (from Greek meros, “part”) denote words that are a part of another thing: as “sleeve” and “cuff” are meronyms of “shirt.”

To my way of thinking—lately at least—knitting is all about meronyms.

Ah yes, knitting. Sleeves. Meronyms of sweater.

Progress is painfully slow. Magic loop two sleeves at once is just not my thing. I improved my speed a bit by learning how to move one sleeve along the cable using my mouth so I don’t have to set everything down every 20-something stitches. Very attractive I’m sure.

I was thinking that how I looked knitting wasn’t really all that important since the only one who REALLY keeps a close eye on me when I knit, Opal, could care less about such things. Then it occurred to me that I am setting a horrible example. She is no doubt contemplating the fact that she recently learned that mouths are not supposed to go on knitting, or working yarn, or any yarn. Ever. And yet the bringer of food is right there in front of her, breaking the golden rule.

I’ll have to mull this one over.

She does keep an eye on me.

I’ld like to send a big “Thanks” to the experts who gave me suggestions on the sweater seaming/construction! I’m still not sure how I’m going to tackle the addition of the arms to the sweater and how I’ll do, or not do, the shoulder seams. At least I will move forward with some intelligent thoughts swirling around in the old gray matter.

Meanwhile, I would like to send an encouragement for any and all to go check out the new RAK contest at the Loopy Ewe (link in my sidebar to store, link on right side of the Loopy Ewe’s storefront page to Sheri’s blog, link in one of her recent posts to the contest). You have to do three random acts of kindness and then post a comment describing them to her blog on April 30 to enter the contest. I’m pretty excited.

Here are my first two random acts of kindness:
1. A pickup hauling hay turned a corner and lost 8 bales when I was coming back from the vet last week. I tried to flag the truck’s driver down; but, couldn’t get his attention. The bales were smack dab in the middle of an intersection with a county road and the highway. This was a hazard! So, I parked the car and moved them to a neat stack on the side of the road so they wouldn’t cause an accident. The highway patrol stopped after I got six of them moved and helped me with the last two. Thank goodness! Those were some heavy, heavy bales.

2. I used a random number generator to pick an animal awareness organization out of a google search. Then I used the random number generator to determine the amount to contribute to this organization. I’m mailing a check for $41 to the Fall River Coalition for Animal Awareness today.

I had the third one lined out. There was an enchilada dinner benefit that was supposed to happen April 26 for a local family who lost their home in a fire. But, I called the place where I saw the sign to find out more and it has been canceled. Not the fire. The dinner. I presume. So, I’ll be keeping my eyes out this weekend for a way to spread random kindness in the world. I hope you will too.


2 Responses to “Meronym”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I wonder why sleeves – although actually less work then the body- seem more tedious than the “trunk” of a sweater. The excitement of the new yarn gone? If so we should start with the sleeves first. Or do the short rows make us forget the long ones and then we complain about the higher amount of rows? It’s still a mystery to me.
    Thanks for the RAK hint. I looked it up and thought I would like to participate. I had one little tiny and not very altruistic RAK in mind. I hope giving somebody else a little pleasure without asking for something in reward counts as well. Then some “more” real RAK popped up in my mind. So I am just one short. Well I still have two days. To me a RAK has to occur on the spur of the moment. So something will turn up on my path. I will keep my eyes peeled, and hey, isn’t that what the RAK is all about? Not winning the bag full of yarn, but being awake and trying to help now and then? So I think the reward is more our state of mind than the addition to the stash.
    Have a wonderful time finding your # 3

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Opal sure is a darling! Bless you for your first two RAK’s and I am sure you will find your third one.

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