The end is near

May 7, 2008

Of the sweater that is. I make no claims to any planetary knowledge.

The next line of instruction in the pattern reads: “Block pieces.” I think I will forgo this step. Why? Since I knitted the sleeves in the round and the fronts and back together, there are no “flat” pieces. I see no advantage to blocking now vs. blocking after it’s all put together. Am I missing something?

I decided to go ahead with the three-needle bind off for the shoulder seams as the pattern suggested. Thanks to those who commented on this aspect of the assembly in an earlier post! Next after that comes the neck edging and then the front edgings. Then blocking and viola–a sweater!

Meanwhile, one of the orchid seedlings I bought at Missouri Botanical Gardens in February 2006 has bloomed. I bought about 15 seedlings. Of those, I have managed to keep about 10 alive. Most are thriving and probably need to be repotted. This scares the dickens out of me. Maybe they will just have to live in their root-bound pots a while longer.

Two, both slipper orchids, have gotten infected with mealy bugs. They are in quarantine, along with the Militonia. Hopefully, I’m getting these little beasts under control!

The seedling that bloomed is called Hknsa.Sogo Doll ‘Little Angel.’ For you orchid afficionados out there, the tag says: lctna.Peggy San x Slc.Katsy Noda. Whatever that means. All I know is that the description matches the flower and the flower is lovely. I’m so pleased that one of these little plants has bloomed.

Little Angel is keeping me company in my office now.

A closeup of the bloom.

It's an adorable little plant!


2 Responses to “The end is near”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I saw that all commentators show with a little logo on the side that resembles a quilting block. Very nice ;-)). No advice on blocking from this side. I mostly avoid it if I can. That’s the advantage of socks.
    But speaking of blocking. I once read at a toilett “Please don’t throw in any sanitary napkin because otherwise the toilett might block.” Seeing as I was in a yarnshop I marveled about the capability of this special toilett.

    Have a nice day and fun with finishing the sweater
    PS: The Orchids are gorgeous.

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Wow, those Orchids are stunning! Good luck with blocking. I always wait until sweaters are assembled, though some sources say to do it before. To me that seems risky – like what if the front and back block out different sizes? Anyway, good luck with it!

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