Guest Post

July 9, 2008

I’ve had no time to post. Still having computer issues. Meanwhile, I have a guest post for you from my friend Chris in Germany:

I was driving back from the Botanical Garden in which I sat to knit in peace for a while. I love this place. It was sort of a bittersweet drive, because all the flowers and the atmosphere of the garden is so soothing – but it makes me miss an old friend.

Anyhow. I drove back and sat at a stop light – knitting of course. A couple on a scooter stood next to me and they nearly fell off their bike laughing. I held up my knitting (it was warm, so the window was open) and told them how much time we waste at red traffic lights and that all of it had been knit during that time.

The guy told me that we had 18 stop lights to go until they would be back home and he urgently needed green socks. So at the next stop light I showed them my first finished sock from handgefaerbt with a lot of lime green in it. They could not believe their eyes.

My, this was so funny. I love that, sharing a laugh with strangers. We laugh ever so rarely in Germany. And this is so healthy for body and soul.

Hope you enjoyed Chris’s story as much as I did!


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