My hand hurts

July 21, 2008

So I don’t get your hopes up, I’m going to tell you right up front that this post doesn’t have any pithy, witty amusements. As if any of my posts have pithy, witty amusements! This is wishful thinking on my part. I’m not known for my pithiness although on occasion, I have been called a wit–or was that half-wit? Something along those lines anyway.

What I can offer is some chatter about plain old knitting and a sore hand from too much of that. In fact, I knit so much last week my hand hurt enough to try some Sore-No-More on it this morning. A mandatory knitting break will be imposed. What do you think I should give it? One day, two days, more? Remember, you’re communicating with an knitoholic here.

Why did I knit so much? I attended two days of meetings last week, and that provided an opportunity to finish another hat for the resident non-knitter. However, the six or so additional hours of knitting–besides my normal evening knitting time–on those two days is what got to me.

I found a skein of Jitterbug Jewels when we were in California, and the resident non-knitter decided he REALLY liked these colors. In spite of my encouragement for him to choose instead a lovely blue face leicester wool in muted blue tones that I bought specifically for him, he wanted the other. It’s a bit stiff for a hat in my opinion. Perhaps with washing it will soften up. The BFL would have been gorgeous.

Oh darn. I’ll have to make something for me with it.

Colinette Jitterbug in Jewels

The top looks pointy until it’s on. Then it smooths out nicely. This yarn is so stretchy. It looks small here. It isn’t. In fact, I had the resident non-knitter try it on when I had about an inch done and he thought it was on the loose side. I didn’t change it and I think it fits him well. He won’t admit that though. Curmudgeon.

Two reasons I went hog-wild knitting the Colinette yarn:
1. It knits really fast and that was fun.
2. I wanted to start the Refined Raglan sweater!

I did get that sweater started this weekend, and knitted too much on it too. Now my hand is really sore.

Refined Raglan start

I used the Rainy Day socks (by the way, I got the word that MagKnits is no more so I can’t link to that sock pattern–too bad!) as a learning project for a provisional cast-on start. I think socks are an amazingly wonderful way to try out a new technique in a small project. You get a chance to try something “real” in a totally non-threatening way. So what if the top on your socks is a bit lame? They will wear out eventually. They are only socks for Pete’s sake!

I did learn via these socks that I have problems figuring out which is the “back” of the crochet stitch or which end to rip from or something. In other words, taking out the crochet chain on the rainy day socks was a royal pain on both socks. No matter what I did, it was wrong.

So, I went looking for a better approach and found it in a tutorial offered by Eunny Jang . In the variation I tried, you use a crochet hook to crochet a chain right onto your knitting needle. Slick. This was absolutely fool-proof and provides a super easy way to pick up the stitches to start knitting. The crocheting over the needle feels a bit fidgety but it is worth it to be able to just start knitting after the chain is made. No turning the chain over and over and wondering if you got it twisted part-way down the line or anything like that. Just crochet. Just knit. Just rip the chain out when you need to. Just perfect.

I’m pleased with the edge on the sweater.

Provisional cast on edge up close.

This pattern is from Interweave Knits Winter 2006. I’m using a Misti Alpaca 100 percent baby alpaca worsted weight. The yarn is gorgeous, although a bit splitty. Well, chances are I won’t show much more progress this week because of the hand. Talk to the hand. Tell it to heel heal. Heal! I feel like I’m working with Opal.


2 Responses to “My hand hurts”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    LOL in my humble opinion you are a double wit and an accomplished knitter to boot. Only an experienced knitter would consider socks a totally non-threatening way to try something new ;-)))). I have met many knitters who shy away from socks while they are able to knit perfect sweaters.
    I am awed by the way the jewels turned out in the hat. The colorway is so beautiful. If Richard does not like it after all, you have my address. (Just kidding) And the sweater looks very yummy. I don’t fall easily for solids but this hue is irresistible.
    I hope your hands “heels” soon. On the other hand (pun unintended) better not. I would look quite silly.

  2. enid Says:

    🙂 Very very nice hat! Sorry your hands hurt. Try resting for a few days, and in the meantime, organize your patterns and yarn? Make sketches of things you’d like to knit later? And take Vitamin B, it really helps (Vit. B6 and 12).

    Hope you heal soon!

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