Want to win a pattern?

July 23, 2008

I just received an order from Sheila at Yarn2Dye4. She made a mistake and sent me two copies of the CableDown Pullover designed by Second Nature Design instead of the one I ordered. Here’s what the designer, Karen Alfke, has to say about her pattern: This elegant yet casual crew neck pullover is easy to knit from the neck down. It sports three sweet cables: one under the neckline, and one along the top of each sleeve.” The pattern is knit in a worsted-weight yarn with a gauge of 21 stitches to 4 inches. I’m pretty sure you can see it if you search on the Yarn2Dye4 web site.

I asked Sheila if it would be OK if I sent the money for the pattern with my next order and she said, “Please don’t send me money for making a mistake! You will only encourage me!
How about you pass this patten on to a good friend?”


I will be thinking up some ideas. Meanwhile, let me know if you have any suggestions. I’ll post the contest next time around. One thing is for sure, the winner will receive a copy of the pattern. I’ll look through my stash to see if there is anything else to sweeten the pot. I’m thinking along the lines of a contribution to a charity for the contest . . . but I’ll let you know for sure later this week or early next.

As a bit of an enticement, this is what Sheila had to say about knitting this pattern:
“I did this pattern last winter in an alpaca/merino blend and I love this sweater. Mine has three-quarter sleeves and hits just below the waist. Now, I’m ready to take on more cables!”

Meanwhile, a pictureless post would be way too boring. So:

One of my grocery store rescue orchids. It’s been a long time waiting for blossoms, but this baby delivered! Maybe someday I’ll get a picture that actually does it justice.


2 Responses to “Want to win a pattern?”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    Hi Ruth,
    what a great idea. If you don’t mind the shipping costs I could spread the word in Germany a little. Hmmm, a contest with some charity aspect. How about socks for preemies. Provided you find a place in your area that might be interested in them you could ask all participants to send you for a pair of preemie socks as an entry fee and then raffle off whatever’s in the sweetened pot by then. I don’t know if it’s wise to allow more than one pair per entrant. That would depend on the demand of the place in question that will later receive them. ;-)). Although I hope for a large attenance whatever the challenge will be, I wouldn’t of course hope for a large number of preemies or other creatures in need.
    LOL, and I would have to look up how to knit them if you took up that idea ;-)). Well this way it would indeed be a challenge. And maybe there is even something to contribute from here as a consolation prize.
    Have fun racking your brains

  2. Lizzie Says:

    BEAUTIFUL ORCHID!! (Hi, new reader here)

    I’m also a rescuer of orchids, though many have perished in the end. Is that three spikes?? Wow.

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