Dragging my feet

July 31, 2008

I know I have been dragging my feet on that sweater pattern contest. Thanks for putting up with my ever-so-slow snail-like progress. I want to post a picture of the prize(s), so it the official start will be on August 1.

N CA snails

What are they doing?

Meanwhile, here’s what the contest will be: you will have to do something good for the animal world. Be it a sheep, a dog, a cat, a lizard, whatever strikes your fancy. Ideally, you would contribute some money–at least equal in value to the cost of the pattern ($4)–to an animal society. But, I know that’s not everyone’s thing.

So, do some good for a 4-legger, or a 2-legger, if you’re into birds and the like. Perhaps even a no-legger if you have a thing for snakes and fish and other legless sentient beings. You will have to post a comment with your do-good tail tale. Comments will all need to be posted on the “Contest Now” blog post to be forthcoming. I could use a random number generator to pick the winner. But, I’m thinking the better thing might be this: Out of all the entries, I’ll pick what I consider to be the top three or five (depends how many entries). Then, I’ll post these and let you, my dear readers, make the final choice.

I went through my yarn stash. I don’t have enough yarn to give you the yarn to make the sweater. I’ve been high-centered on socks, so that’s mostly what I’ve got. Sorry. And because this is a wool2dye4 blooper, I think it appropriate to sweeten the pot with some wool2dye4 yarn.

So, the winner will get the pattern, and their choice of either a skein of hand dyed sock yarn–picture forthcoming with the official contest post–or 100 g of an undyed Suri Blue yarn that I got with the sweater pattern. Oh my gosh, isn’t it gorgeous?! It’s a mix of Suri alpaca and blue face leicester. I bought a cone because I want to use it to make this sweater:

Knit So Fine

This is one of the photos from Inteweave Knits “Knit So Fine.” Will I make this sweater? Who knows!! My tastes are fickle and they change with the wind. I also worry that I would look like a cow in this. But it is cute on this petite little model.

Check back on August 1. The contest will run for the entire month of August. No worries, you’ve got plenty of time, and I hope, lots of opportunities to improve the lives of some of the planet’s other inhabitants.


One Response to “Dragging my feet”

  1. tori Says:

    here is my contest entry last month on ravelry i held a fundraiser to raise money for the spca with awesome prizes that i raffled off after everyone entered. I volunteer with the local spca. this year we had our low cost spay and neuter and i was there for 12 hours and did all the premeds and temperatures pulse and respirations on all the cats being spayed or neutered. we spayed and neutered over 120 cats that day. which is awesome in helping with the over population problem. i knit blankets for cats and dogs in the animal shelters

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