It’s a Contest Now!

August 1, 2008

Today is the official start of the “Be Kind to Animals” contest. First order of business:

There will be one prize unless somebody out there wants to offer a second prize >>insert smiley face here<<. This prize will include a copy of the CableDown Pullover pattern donated by Sheila of Yarn2Dye4 through a tiny mishap. Yeah Sheila! The winner will have their choice of one of four different sock yarns to go with the sweater pattern. I know, sweater pattern goes with sweater yarn and sock pattern goes with sock yarn. Not in this case however. So, deal with it.

The first pattern/yarn combo choice is an undyed SuriBlue fingering weight that you can view on Sheila’s site. I will send you 100 gr off the cone I bought. It will be wound in a cake. It will be undyed. It will be absolutely gorgeous.

The second choice is for the pattern plus a skein of Panda Toes from Crazy Monkey Creations. This yarn is a blend of 65% superwash Merino with 35% Rayon of Bamboo (490 yds/100 g).

Panda Toes

The third choice is for the pattern plus a skein of Zen Yarn Garden. This is an 85% superwash Merino/20% nylon blend in the Infusion semi-solid colorway 420 yds/4 oz).


The fourth choice is for the pattern plus two skeins of Regia Silk in color number 0180. It’s 55% Merino, 20% silk and 25% Polamid (200 m/50 g each skein).

Regia Silk

What you have to do:
Do something kind for animals. At first, I was planning to limit the contest to having people contribute at least the cost of the pattern (about $5) to their favorite animal charity. But then, through an unfortunate series of events, I came to realize that there are many other ways to be kind to animals.

So, do good out there. The sky is the limit. Tell us about your efforts to improve the lives of at least one member of the planet’s Animalia Kingdom here, in comments to this post. You have to comment on this post or I get confused.

When and how we’ll decide who the winner is:
Entries will be accepted for the month of August. The winner will be selected during the first week of September. How they are selected will be determined by the number of entries.
Less than 20 entries: Random drawing
Between 20 and 50 entries: I’ll pick my top three favorite entries, and then you, dear readers will vote on your favorites via comments on the blog’s Sept. 5 post.
More than 50 entries: As above, but I’ll pick my top five favorite entries to let you’all vote on.
You may enter more than once.

Remember, I am not an official contest diva. This is just a bunch of friends getting together and playing with yarn. I don’t know if there should be more rules, disclaimers, legal mumbo jumbo or what. But, I promise, I will not play favorites, I will not let Opal enter, I will not enter myself (even though I really did do a cool thing several days ago), and I will send you the prize you select out of the four mentioned above if you are the big winner–even if you don’t live in the evil empire land of warmongers USA. What else can I say?

Until then, treat your furred, scaled, feathered or otherwise-clad friends with respect and care.

P.S. Did you know that sheep have tails?

Do they normally bob them when they are two days old like someone did to our little Miss Opal? I had no idea!


28 Responses to “It’s a Contest Now!”

  1. Turtle Says:

    lol, such a cute picture of the sheep! Ok, be kind to animals… well for almost 18 years i did not eat meat, but for 3 years now…i admit to changing my eating habits slightly, due to the influence of my irish hubby and daughter in tow! *smile* We do feed the strays in the neighborhood. They would have to fend in the woods otherwise, we are not in any urban neighborhood, these are wild housecats who actually eat with the raccoons at the same time from the same dish friendly! One stray kitty has become a femaily member and sleeps on my bed, my couch and table and is spoilt! We also contribute monthly to our local animal shelter as well as being greenpeace members. (boy did hubby have fun explaining when he would pay for military functions on greenpeace checks!) We are animal lovers and earth friendly lovers! Off to stalk your blog now!!

  2. Lizzie Says:

    We have also adopted a stray. He found us a few days ago and has been hanging out around our porch. Today, we gave him some food. The kids love him and he loves to follow our 2-year-old around whenever we’re outside.

    Another thing that we did was plant a friendly garden that feeds birds & other wildlife. I’ve seen hummingbirds and finches come just to sample the fare!

    Great contest. 🙂

  3. I have taken in countless animals that were later adopted into loving homes, and I’m currently knitting blankets for our local animal shelters :o) I love being kind to animals!

  4. Kristen Says:

    I am an animal lover, big time. I participate in our Animal Humane Society’s Walk for Animals every year and raised over $750 last year through the generosity of friends and family. I have a dog adopted from a rescue organization. I’ve recently become a volunteer as a dog walker and in animal socialization at my local Animal Humane Society. And I’m actually considering going back to school to become a veterinarian. Right now I’m planning to take some prerequisite classes and do some shadowing to see if vet school is right for me. Great contest for a great cause!

  5. Grace Says:

    I too have a lot of animal stories…..20 years ago I lived in Adelaide (hope you are all sitting comfortably) and adopted a flea bitten female orange cat from the animal shelter. We named her MR Biff. Biff and I spent 18 tumultuous years together. We moved around 4 states, lost count on how many rental abodes we lived in. She saw me through 4 relationships, some very rough patches and some very happy times. We finally settled in Tasmania and her last years were spent in a lovely house with a big garden, lots of trees. She loved it. And it was a nice feeling that her last years she could feel settled and safe. Unfortunately her age caught up with her and she died 2 years ago. I still miss my little mate although now we have two other cats, Fat Kitty and Naughty Ned. Fat Kitty was a very over weight and grumpy old cat, owned by a couple that where leaving Tassie and couldn’t take the cat so Bf and I took her in put her on a diet and exercise regime and she today she looks younger and healthier than ever, although still grumpy!
    BF found Ned last year, he had heard about a kid at the school where he works had shot his cat with a hunting bow and was going to get a friend with a gun to kill it next day.
    BF found the cat and was able to get him to a vet just in time.
    Two operations, two months in a cage and two months of having to wear a plastic cone around his head and be hand feed, Ned pulled through! He is not quite 3 years old and is growing to be a big cat. He now is the most gentlest, plump cat ever. Loves playing with his knitted toy mice and sitting by the fire.

  6. Pixie Says:

    I am the webmaster, adoption coordinator and PR person for Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue ( I have been involved with Ho-Bo Care for 10 years and though the work is emotionally, physically and financially draining, I wouldn’t give it up for the world. The joy at seeing a dog with a loving FOREVER family makes it all worth it.

    The goal of Ho-Bo Care is to rehome and rehabilitate homeless boxers in the Denver area. Many of the dogs are pulled from local shelters, though more and more of the dogs are from families who can no longer keep or no longer want their family pet — so we also spend a lot of time educating potential boxer owners about what to expect from a bouncy, over-energetic, strong-willed, muscular boxer dog!

    We are also currently in desperate need of loving, safe foster homes for the dogs in our care. Fostering a dog may seem like a daunting task, but it is a great way to assist a rescue group. The boxer doesn’t have to be kenneled while waiting for their forever home, which saves HO-BO Care a huge expense, and the new owners get a dog who is better adapted to home life, and therefore has a better chance of remaining in the new home permanently.

    Not everyone understands what fostering is all about. Fostering is not a way to get a free dog. It is not a trial period before adoption. And it certainly isn’t always easy. Fostering is a way to help a boxer who really needs a helping hand. It can be stressful, it requires dedication, hard work, serious time commitments and most of all understanding that everything won’t always be smooth sailing, but that you are making a difference in a dog’s chance at a better life!

    If you, or someone you know, would be interested please look through our home requirements online at

    Almost every breed of dog has a breed specific rescue group, so please reach out and give a helping hand to the breed you love and please remember to always be kind to the animals.

  7. Chrissie Says:

    Hello Everybody!

    I was not sure whether I should write a post or not since I regard my contribution as too inferior to quality for this contest. So I am taking part as a non-official competitor.

    Unfortunately I don’t have any pets and I due to my work situation I am not able to adopt one from the asylum. I am impressed by the wonderful posts so far. Inspired by Ruths story I decided to donate a small fee to our local animal shelter. I called them and asked if I could make a bank transfer, since I know myself and seeing these poor creatures that would love to be in a good home would have melted my heart and maybe even my common sense ;-)))). So I calculated the price for the pattern and one lovely skein to settle on the sum I wanted to give.

    First I thought I would not post this since I am aware of the fact that this does not meet the efforts of the other people, and I don’t regard this as an entry to the contest. So you may wonder why I write this at all.

    On second thought I wondered if there are more people out there like me who wanted to do their bit even if it is a small thing. So I hope all of you who read this and feel intimidated by the stories of the others might get incouraged and consider donating a small amount after all. Many small donations can amount to a reasonable sum. So chip in. ;-))))) It can even be done by knitting (referring to the post of bruisinraincloud).

    Thank you Ruth for giving the impulse for action

  8. Lynn Says:

    What a great contest! Be kind to animals month. I think we need to be kind all year round but if it gets people active, then lets do it. I just finished an afghan for the local animal shelter that I plan on bringing to them next week. I have another one that I plan on donating as well. It was originally knit up for them, but my 18 y/o cat decided he liked it more so he used it until he passed away in May. Now I can donate it in his name. AND I plan on taking my kids to show them that its important to care for animals. It’s also the shelter we got our last 3 cats from so they enjoy going. I just need to warn them that we already have 4 cats so we can’t bring home anymore! LOL

  9. Pixie Says:

    Dear Chris: Your generousity is nothing to shake a stick (or knitting needle…wink…) at. Every shelter and rescue group is always appreciative of any donation, no matter the amount.

  10. KJo Says:

    I’m not sure whether to put these in separate posts or not… I guess I’ll just separate them with enters.

    There is a beautiful orange striped stray cat in our neighborhood. We’ve been feeding him (bought cat food just for him) and we’ve been petting him (for a stray he’s amazingly soft and he loves being petted). He has the most gorgeous yellow eyes and I wish we could bring him into the house…… He’s a poor thin little thing. We plan on moving to Texas (hopefully soon, really soon) and we want to take him with us. So he’ll get a good, loving home when we move. For now we can only feed him and give him loving outside.

    My family and I bought two Guinea Pigs a couple months ago (at that time we didn’t know there were Guinea Pig adoption places). Two beautiful boars (boys) Hardy and Jax.
    (small warning this next part gets pretty gross so… Read at your own risk)
    As we learned more and more about Guinea Pigs we found out that Jax was the ‘underdog’, the underdog doesn’t get to eat as much as the other pigs and he gets his hair pulled out and eaten by the other pigs as well. If we hadn’t bought him this ‘grooming’ from the other pigs would soon have turned into cannibalism and the other pigs would have begun eating Jaxs ears. According to a Guinea Pig expert we may have saved Jaxs life.
    (done with the gross part!)
    Now Hardy and Jax have a great big cage, a small cage and they get free run of the living room. They get parsley everyday they have plenty of hay, pellets and water. Jax is now at a proper weight and he is the dominant pig. They get lots of cuddles and love and they popcorn* everyday (*an involuntary happy jump into the air)! They seem happy and I know I am. I love animals, but I’ve never had a pet. I love Hardy very much.

    If you live in an apartment or something else small or just can’t handle a big pet like a dog or cat please consider adopting a Guinea Pig. People don’t realize how loving and cuddly they are. is a good place to find a Guinea Pig adoption place near you. And Guinea Pigs come in more than 13 different breeds:
    Including a ‘hairless’ breed.

    KJo on Ravelry

  11. inge Says:

    what I do for animals? I love cats, I had allready Pernukkel (he’s about 7 now) and then came Witse (3 weeks and abadonned by her mother when she arrived here), she’s almost three years now and a really inmissable part of our family…

  12. Kristen Says:

    There are alot of people here who do great things for animals, but I want to say to Chrissie specifically that your donation is a wonderful and generous thing! Just being a reminder and an example to others is HUGE. You deserve (and I’m sure will receive) an entry in the contest just like ever one else. Every kindness to animals matters.

  13. Irma Says:

    I’m hesitant to post this as I’m sure there will be lots of mixed reactions to this. I’ve loved animals my whole life and seem to always attract the ‘odd’ animals. 14 years ago, at the pet store that I worked, a woman had 3 kittens that she was trying to find a vet to put them to sleep (one had extra toes, one an umbilical hernia, and one ‘not marked correctly’). I told her I would take care of the kittens for her, and am happy to say, they are all doing quite well and are spoiled rotten. 4 years ago, the company I worked for closed, and the ‘company pet’- a 2inch yellow belly river cooter (turtle) needed a home. Everyone turned to me, and Bert now happily lives in a 55 gal aquarium in my house. The most recent, a parrot from a family member that ‘didn’t have the time for him anymore’ made a 500 mile trip to my house. She has been with me for 1 week, and is the sweetest little thing, loves to snuggle and eat right off my plate.

    In addition, I work in a research facility. One of my roles is to advise on enrichment for the animals in our care. Every animal, including the fish and the frogs, get toys, food treats, a fellow companion and human interaction every day. I know many people have strong personal opinions on research, as do I. I know the work I do makes a great positive impact on the animals in my care, every day.

  14. Marcheterre Says:

    I’m loving these stories!!!

    Well, I routinely make small cash donations to shelters in my region – I agree with Chrissie that small donations add up! PayPal is a wonderful thing. And those donation jars at check-out counters work too 🙂

    I ran an art sale to benefit one local shelter, and I try to attend the local benefit events for shelters and rescues – auctions, tag sales, holiday fairs and such. Once I bought a ton of hay at one benefit auction, and donated it to a horse rescue group. That makes me grin just remembering it.

    Recently I joined a group of professional writers/artists/web designers who offer to donate our work to animal welfare organizations requesting assistance. This doesn’t really “count” as doing something for animals, since I haven’t gotten a call yet…but it’s only a matter of time (I’m a profesional writer/photographer). And this could turn out to be far more valuable than any cash donation I could afford to make, so I’ll make the project a priority.

    Oh, and every day I go to and “click to give” – it doesn’t cost anything, and it starts off my day with hope and a smile!

    I’ve taken my dog to several obedience and training classes at an animal shelter, where the cost of the classes goes to the shelter.

    And I suppose I could say that the animals at home are “rescues,” but really, I know who got rescued – it’s the only one with two feet.

  15. Lorraine Says:

    It’s so weird, I just saw the announcement for this contest on Ravelry. Only minutes before, I finished this post on my blog:

    “I just rescued a little kitty!

    Where I work, we have a patio outside the kitchen. Yesterday I saw this sweet little black and white cat on the patio. When I went outside, she came right over to me and let me pet her. Beautiful face but filthy and the poor thing was skin and bones!! She had an injury on her neck like she’d been in a fight but the area looked shaved. My guess is that she had a home at one point and then they stopped caring for her for whatever reason?

    One of my co-workers was out there eating lunch and told me that she had given the cat some of her pasta with meatballs. Not the best thing to give a cat but at least it was some food. When I saw pasta still in the plate, I commented that the cat must not have liked it. My co-worker told me that that was the 3rd helping that was sitting on that plate. The cat had eaten 2 helpings already. She must have been starving!

    My heart broke but I have 2 healthy cats at home that I just adopted. I couldn’t risk taking this doll home if she had something that my 2 boys could catch. Well, by the time I left work, she was gone. I decided that if she came back today that I would take her to the shelter where I got my boys.

    Now, my co-worker also wanted to take her to her vet. That would have been fine with me. However, today, my co-worker was in a meeting and we were about to have a bit of an event on the patio. I figured before everyone was crowded out there scaring the cat off, I’d scoop her up and take her to the shelter. So, that’s just what I did. She couldn’t weigh more than 5 or 6 lbs. At any rate, I picked her up and took her in the car. I didn’t have anything to put her in. I know, you’re all gonna say that that was stupid but I’m used to driving with cats in the car that are not in carriers.

    She didn’t seem to like the car at first. She was literally running around the inside of the car. It was kinda funny to watch her… on the dash, in the passenger seat, on the back dash, on the floor, back on the dash. Finally, after about a minute and a half of this, she landed on my lap. She was about to take off again when she realized where she landed. She just curled up and started to purr. SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!! She didn’t budge the rest of the ride. I think she actually nodded off for a minute. When I got to the shelter, she wanted to run when I opened the car door but I scooped her up before she got out and told her everything would be okay now and she settled right into my arms again. She didn’t even fuss when I put her into the cage at the shelter.

    I can’t imagine taking home another cat. Three cats in a 950 sq ft house is a bit much but I can’t imagine letting her go to someone else either. I just kinda felt like those people who are on the Animal Cops show must feel. I feel like I gave her a chance at a decent life.

    In case we never meet again… Good luck sweet baby. I hope you have a happy life!”

  16. Kenyetta Says:

    Saw your contest on Ravelry, wasn’t sure about entering but I loved the concept and the prizes!
    I adopted a shelter dog, RIP Lucky, and my daughter and I knit blankets for shelter animals.
    It’s a small thing but I think every little bit helps.

  17. Kimberly Says:

    Wellll, this is pretty pathetic compared to some folks here, but awhile back I picked up from the highway a dog named baby that had gotten separated from her family the day before (so I learned from them when I called the number on her tag) and took her home. My April 7 blog post tells about her, though I did not have my camera to get a photo. Secondly, we are trying very hard to adopt a young dog whose guardian recently died and whose best companion, a cat, has gone to live with someone else. Right now he is living with a friend of the late guardian who doesn’t think he can keep him much longer. We very much hope he can become part of our family.

    Overall we take what we think is very good care of our pets, feed them natural or organic pet foods and take them for plenty of exercise. Our dog came from a no kill shelter and was chosen for her sweet demeanor, not her breed, which is unknown. My husband rescued our cat from a salvage yard where he was wandering alone, and the solvents from the parts cleaners used at the place had burned the fur from his little feet. There was no sign of his mother though he was small enough that he still needed to be nursed and was hand fed “tiny tiger” milk mix until he was big enough for regular food. They are both our very best friends.

  18. Leesy Says:

    I’m responding on behalf of our household. Last Friday, as we were unpacking our car returning from our vacation, I saw a car stop in the middle of the street just after going through the intersection, then start honking gently. We looked carefully and saw a small (toy sized) dog running in and out of the street. My 2 teenaged daughters and my 3 year old son carefully went over, scooped up said dog, read his tags (fortunately he was wearing them), and found that he lived about a mile away. My 15 year old carried him back home, found no one home, but found a neighbor who knew the dog and the owners and took the dog in to return on the owners’ return home.

  19. Jill Swanson Says:

    I too feel somewhat inferior to many of the entries, but every act of kindness and concern has merit. My blind 13 year old Jack Russel Scooter, really appreciates all our family does to insure her continued comfort ant quality of life. Our Siamese Bella sure enjoys the drinks out of the faucet and the twist ties we toss for her amusement. I drive by an adoption shelter and donate food, litter, and bleach as often as I can. Great contest .Thanks for letting us play. Jill S

  20. Darja Says:

    Hi, wonderfull idea, the thought of letting people tell what good they (we) did for animals.
    I adopted at least four cats from our local animal shelter, but unfortunately they all died from pest (I hope this is the right word). We were all so sad.
    Now we took a little kitten from a friend and we loooove her.
    My brother and I also “rescued” a hedgehog when we were little and took him home, so that he wouldn’t be cold outside, and next morning our home was full of fleas.
    But it was fun watching him eat and searching around the house.
    I can’t remember when was the last time that we lived without a cat. We also had a dog (german shepard), and when a cat had kittens, they and a big dog were best friends.
    The cutest photo I ever took was very little kitty and a dogs tongue all over it, when he was licking him. I have to dig that photo out and scan it and put in my profile on Ravelry (my name there is Darja). That’s also the place where I found out for this nice contest. Thank’s for the opportunity to remember that the animals in shelter need our attention and help.

  21. I’m feeding two stray mews regularly, and two others that show up now and again for a quick bite. I am horribly allergic to cats, which makes me terribly sad, because I love them. The grey stray was raggedy, very thin and incredibly distrustful when I first captured her attention with a packet of tuna. She now waits outside on the stairs with a much glossier coat and healthier frame and glares if I don’t get her goodies out fast enough. The other regular is probably a dumped kitty, who must have been a lap cat. SUPER friendly, and she really wants to come in. BUt I like breathing, so…no. If it looks like she isn’t thriving outside I’ll take her to a shelter, but I am loathe to do that. I’m torn – she deserves a great home but is she adoptable? :/ Anyway, I’ll continue to feed them as long as they keep stopping by.

  22. V. Says:

    This is a great contest, and I’m so impressed by the people who work for animals – go you! Thanks for hosting this Ruth.

    My first way of being kind to animals is not eating them. I see souls in living creatures, and just couldn’t do it anymore. (going on 10 years of living veg) I was vegan for a few years, but I had a very hard time eating well – my fault.

    I won’t purchase any products that are tested on animals. This often means I spend more money, but I hate to think of monkeys trying on mascara.

    I am a huge supporter of Farm Sanctuary, and when I can, donate. I purchase my “Go Vegetarian” checks from them in hopes of raising awareness. (I’m one of the weirdoes who sent a donation to animal charities during Katrina. Chickens were drowning, too.)

    I’m also the adopted mommy of a stray cat who had five kittens. Over the 10 years I’ve had them, I’ve lost one to cardiomyopathy & carcinoma. But not after doing everything I could to save the lil’ munchkin.

    There are so many small things we can do to be kind to animals – buying cage-free eggs is a simple start.

    I work as a fundraiser for a human services agency, so to everyone who posted that they raise money for their local animal charity – kudos to you! Those agencies couldn’t do what they do best without your support. It’s hard work, and you really make the extraordinary possible when you volunteer your time and skills!

  23. rositta Says:

    I am not owned by any pets at this time but that’s because with the amount of overseas travelling we do it would be very unfair to kennel an animal for two months. But here is what I do every time I go to Greece. Animals there are not treated very well, in fact the city is over run by stray dogs and cats. Where we stay, last year there was a very pregnant cat and I made certain that she had food, water and milk and a dry, cool comfortable place to have her kittens. She was incredibly friendly (they all are) and after I didn’t see her for a couple of days I worried. I went close to where I’d made her “nest” but was afraid to get too close. I left to go to Germany for a week and when I returned I found the cat and she let me visit with her kittens. She had four of them and they were adorable. I worried about what would happen after we left but my BIL told me that they would somehow get fed. It will be interesting to see if they are there when we get there next week…ciao

  24. rositta Says:

    I forgot to tell you I have a knitting blog too and I’m on Ravelry. I’ll be able to check my email from Greece and help you vote for the winner…

  25. claire Says:

    We sponsor a kitty condo at the local Animal Friends Rescue store. We fostered a rescue dog this weekend, one that had been used for breeding puppies and then abandoned. On her way to her forever adoption home. We’ve adopted three rescue cats (currently) and others in the past. There’s a widget on my blog linking to Animal rescue site.

  26. Linda Says:

    There are some great stories here. :0)

    For our part, as a family we are vegetarian and have been for 15+ years.

    We had our first rescue dog 10 years ago – we now have 3 and will be rehoming the 4th one this Friday. We have Snoopy, a Lab X, given up by his owner in March at the age of 14 :0( , Lexi, a white GSD approx 7, who was thrown out of a moving car on a mountainside and left to fend for herself for a week until she was caught and was very traumatised when he took her in, and Chance, a white GSD 3, was was so starving when we took him in this April that you could see every bone in his body. Our newest rescue will be coming to live with us this coming Friday – a 4 year old GSD who was due to be put to sleep last Saturday but thankfully Many Tears Animal Rescue in Llanelli, South Wales (where we had Lexi and Snoopy from) took him in. We regularly help out Many Tears with donations of blankets, knitted dog coats and food and biscuits. I also gave up a day of my holiday a few weeks ago and spent the day helping them muck out and walk the dogs.

    Our 11 year old GSD died suddenly earlier this year – he had CDRM and lost the feeling in his back legs so he used to drag his back end around and couldn’t go for walks anymore. My husband did some research on the internet and found “Doggone Wheels” so Buster spent his last few years in a cart (kind of like a wheelchair for dogs) but he loved every minute and was so happy, and thankfully not in pain.

    We also keep pet rats, some of whom have suffered over the years with mycoplasmosis and tumours. My husband even gave one mouth-to-mouth about 10 years ago, anything to help the little rat to breathe. But don’t tell him I told you – he gets a bit funny about people knowing! ;0)

  27. judi Says:

    What a great contest and really great stories from everyone!

    I have been volunteering at our local shelter for about a year now. I am into the smaller animals so I tend to get the rabbits out for a bit of run time and I also help the vets and vet techs with the spay/neuter clinic from time to time. Oh, I also love to participate in our monthly adoption events at the local mall, so much fun getting those dogs out and to the people! If anyone is thinking about volunteering in their community you should consider it. It can be tough sometimes, but also really rewarding.

    I also have three pet rabbits. My first and oldest was bought at a pet store, but about three weeks ago I adopted two more (mini-lops, so cute!) that a family no longer had the time to care for.

  28. Kate Says:

    My story is a little one, with Mum and Dad as partners – my parents have gone on a two-month trip to the UK and sundry other interesting places. They have a standard fox terrier, Jack, who frets when they go away, even in the nicest kennel. So my parents flew him down to me (2 flights, three hours), and he is staying here with us and my own two dogs for two months, then he’ll fly home again! Jack is a lovely dog, but very active, so there are lots more walks being squeezed into my week. Mealtimes also require coordinating of dog bowls, the water dish must be checked twice a day, and then there is small matter of 3 dogs’ worth of hygiene issues….

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