Just one row

August 8, 2008

I’m just one row away from the row that joins the body and sleeves and starts the work on the yoke of the refined raglan sweater. Very cool. I’ll post a picture after it is all in one piece–next week some time. I’m up to my eyeballs in work this week.

Meanwhile, I’ve been cleaning in my office and I have one additional prize to add to the “Be Kind to Animals” Contest. Some great entries, by the way. If you haven’t read them or you haven’t entered, be sure to check the post prior to this one.

This prize is totally non-knitting related. It’s a daily planner book. View it here:
Daily Planner Book

The planner book is still in it’s shrink wrap. If you are a planner type of person, this may be just the prize for you. I bought two, tried one and this definitely was not my thing! But, hey, it probably would be a great tool for somebody . . .


One Response to “Just one row”

  1. Turtle Says:

    how is the knitting going? Did you join the ravelry-lympics?

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