Late Breaking News!

August 25, 2008

I got this message on Ravelry from SimpleKnits:
Be Kind to Animals Contest
Sent at 1:58 PM August 15, 2008

I’d be happy to donate a few of my original knitting patterns to the contest. One of my lace patterns or a couple of cat toy patterns.

If whoever wins is on Ravelry, I can send them a link to pick up a free pdf through Ravelry (or email it to them if they aren’t).

Take a peek at my patterns here.

Let me know which you would like.


Sorry I’m so slow to check my Ravelry mail!! Thanks Vicki. I’ve emailed Vicki to see if it’s OK for the contest winner to just pick a pattern. I looked at Vicki’s patterns. Very lovely work. Tell all your friends to enter!!


2 Responses to “Late Breaking News!”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    Wow, what a generous idea. How wonderful that the purpose appeals to so many people.

  2. Darcy Says:

    How sweet of you:)Hugs Darcy

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