Time to think about picking a winner

September 2, 2008

There are 29 entries in the contest–which is now closed by the way. In case you are wondering, there were 28 comments on the “It’s a contest now” post and one person commented on a different post and after some email chatter between us, we agreed that I would just count that entry too.

Originally, I thought we would pick the winner this way:
Between 20 and 50 entries: I’ll pick my top three favorite entries, and then you, dear readers will vote on your favorites via comments on the blog’s Sept. 5 post.

This strategy has been complicated by the fact that there are three prizes. If I pick three entries, there is no point in having you, dear readers, vote. So, if it’s OK with everyone, I’ll just use a random number generator at random.org.

I’ll go ahead and pick the winner on Friday, Sept. 5 as planned. If you seriously object to the new prize picking strategy, you have a couple of days to make your concerns known. If you REALLY, REALLY want to vote, you can do so between now and Friday. It seems only fair to not vote for yourself . . . and I’m not sure what I would do with the votes except to give special mention . . .

Meanwhile, I hate pictureless posts. Even though recently, I’ve had a few. We just put our house on the market. Here’s a shot from the back, which is, in my opinion, the more photogenic angle.

Our House is a very, very, very fine house. With one cat in the yard . . .

Wanna buy a house? How about a wood-fired barrel sauna? (that’s the round thing near the center of the photo.) Yeah right. Well so far, nobody else seems interested either.

Also, after next week, expect the photo quality to bump up a notch. I am taking a class from Michael Lewis. He’s done several assignments for National Geographic, Smithsonian and other top-quality magazines.


One Response to “Time to think about picking a winner”

  1. Turtle Says:

    lol, anyway you decide to choose is fine by me! oh hubby and i would so love the sauna, too bad we can’t just float it over!! We’ve been wanting to see and buy another home with a mother in law house (or room to build one) but that will have to wait a few years! Good luck to ya! Have fun in the photo class!

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