And the winner’s are . . .

September 7, 2008

1, 5, and 23. That translates to:
Turtle, Grace and Rositta

I didn’t eliminate duplicate comments, I just had the random number generator spit out three numbers and then I picked the corresponding comment number. I’m email you all separately.

Sorry no more time to say more right now. Packing up for the one-week photography training session!


3 Responses to “And the winner’s are . . .”

  1. Turtle Says:

    oh yeah!!! ( i won) enjoy your trip!

  2. quinn Says:

    Congrats to all three lucky winners, and have a great time at your photo workshop!

  3. rositta Says:

    This is Rositta checking in…I’ve just returned from two months in Greece to discover through Ravelry that I’ve won something. Is it too late, have you given my prize away? Guess that would be my bad luck for travelling, lol…
    Visit my other blog.

    ps the kitties are all grown up from last year and have reproduced again, sigh…those Greek cats.

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