I’m over it

October 27, 2008

The blah’s that is. I had a really nice weekend. The resident non-knitter and I have some friends who have a hot air balloon. They invited us to go to Taos to help out as their ground crew for the Taos Mountain Balloon Fiesta. “Our” balloon is in the center:

Hot air balloon festival in Taos

One might think that hot air ballooning is all about being in the balloon. Au contraire! It’s just as much fun to be in the chase vehicle, wondering where the balloon will come down, trecking back and forth down dirt roads, wondering if you’ll be able to reach the balloon when it touches down. Finally, you are sure you are in perfect position. Radio contact to balloon. “We’ve got you, no worries.”

Then, a wind shift. Everyone runs as fast as they can back to the vehicles, piles in and darts around to another spot. Opps. Dead end. Back up, turn around, (meanwhile all of this pulling a balloon trailer). Then, the guy in front of you realizes he’s going the wrong way for his balloon and he pulls a frantic U-turn right in front of you. Wait, no, he’s not even a balloon chase vehicle–just a lookie lou! What the . . . Lock wheels. Blare horn. Give dirty looks. Start rolling again.

Finally, you’re there, and they are almost down and the chase rig barely comes to a stop and once again, everyone jumps out, racing out as fast as they can to reach the balloon. Hands on, hold it to the ground, passenger switch, then off they go again. It is quite exhilarating!

Plus, you get views like these:

Head out car window-I see her now!

Only about half of the balloons in the air that morning!

There were close to 40 balloons at the event and I think every one of them was in view at one point in the morning. My photography just didn’t do the event justice.

Not only a balloon adventure this weekend, knitting and horseback riding too. Oscar was a complete angel on the ride, even when I approached the intersection of a busier road with our dirt road and a friend pulled up in her car to talk and then, on the other side of us, a pickup truck rolled up with a horse trailer behind. Yes, this did make Oscar nervous, I mean, he is an Arabian after all. But a brisk walk up and down the road and we were back in fine form again. We walked across the paved road, did a short trot and turned around to come back home. He is a lovely animal!

Meanwhile, the Sixth Sense socks progress. Maybe I’ll finish them by next weekend. I hope so. I’m chomping at the bit to start on another pair.


2 Responses to “I’m over it”

  1. Angela Says:

    I’ve never been to the Taos balloon event, but I have been to the one in ABQ. (My in-laws live in T or C, so we went down one year.) Chasing must be a thrill. Thanks for your comments about Mr. Greenjeans!

  2. Chrissie Says:

    You must be kidding. These shots are awe-inspiring. You were lucky with the weather, too. I wonder why some people care for amusement parks while there are things like balloonriding.

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