All the signs are coming down

November 6, 2008

Yesterday, on my way back from town, I saw someone in a van picking up all the political signs along the highway. It gave me a weird feeling.

The campaigning for this election has been going on forever — the longest of any I campaign I ever remember. They are saying in the news that it was the longest campaign in U.S. history. I think many of us feel a void now. This morning, I got an email from the friend of a friend about the electoral college. People can’t quite stop those political juices. It’s hard to let go of all the emotion and effort and hoopla that surrounded this election.

Do you doubt the emotion? I did, until I realized, as I was knitting and listening to the results coming in as the polls closed on Tuesday, that I had wrapped the stitches on the heel turn not once, not twice, but about eight times. I was just knitting back and forth on the same row over and over and over and . . .

I was so wrapped in the count that I lost count. And then, they announced they didn’t want to call it; but, they were going to call it; and yes, Obama won! The Resident non-knitter and I looked at each other, stunned, amazed, shocked, pleased, jubilant, overwhelmed, relieved, scared . . . what a crazy mix of emotions. At that point, I looked down, realized that I had been knitting for some time with absolutely no progression on the heel and I saw what I had done.

By the time I had tinked back and gotten to the first wrap there was no doubt. McCain had completed his very gracious and moving concession speech. This was the McCain that captured the hearts of many Americans in 2004.

So, onward we go. Into a brave new future.

And once again, because posts without pictures are, well, pictureless, a few more Tassie shots for your enjoyment:

Van Diemen Tulip growers on the north coast:
Just coming into bloom

Stunning colors!

Eucalyptus bark

Tree fern fronds

Spring snow

Highway snow removal crew

East coast just before sunset


One Response to “All the signs are coming down”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    Congratulations, you’ve got a new president. Even I was excited about this election. Good to hear, that McCain was a fair loser. These particulars don’t make it over the pond.
    Up to a new future

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