I have drifted

November 18, 2008

away from knitting with these last few posts. Oh yes, there was a purl word wedged in here and there. But, for the most part, I was all-consumed with selling houses and dogs stealing the comfortable chair and that dog-gone election.

This seems an appropriate time to mention that yes, I am still knitting. I feel obligated to share with you the real top 3 reasons why I haven’t been posting about knitting.

1. I lost my sock.
I was merrily knitting away on the Jojoland Melody socks. In fact, I was being even more monogamous than normal, not even allowing myself to think about another project when along came a trip to the dentist. We drive 4 hours each way to go to the dentist. My first choice would have been driving up to see my favorite dentist; but, he’s in Coeur d’Alene and that’s a little bit further. Like another 12 to14 hours driving each way further. So. I settle.

Anyway, there’s a very large yarn store, Showers of Flowers, just a few blocks from the dentist so I don’t get much knitting time while I wait for the resident non-knitter to finish with his appointment. Knowing I would only have a five or ten minute wait until my turn to step into the torture chamber hygenist’s chair, I broke the monogamy by bringing yarn to swatch for a sweater.

I wasn’t starting a project mind you, just a little swatch. It turns out that both of the women that work in reception at the dentist’s office are knitters and we got to talking and I took my swatch over to the counter, and then I dug the sock I was working on out of the bag and I showed them it snugged up safely in it’s Knitzi and then we swapped some pattern ideas and yada yada yada.

Sixth Sense Socks

Meanwhile, the other sock, the one that was done, crawled out of my knitting bag and slithered under the sofa I had been sitting on and curled up to take a nap. Who knew?

It wasn’t till I got a call two days after we got home that the wayward sock’s whereabouts surfaced. Fortunately, the women at the dentist’s office recognized the little fellow and have it safely tucked aside for when we go back up.

Meanwhile, it’s unfinished counterpart languishes because the toe on the Sixth Sense Sock pattern didn’t quite work out as written. I need to see the finished sock to make the two match.

2. Meanwhile, I’m having an affair.
You would think that loosing a sock might push me further into knitting monogamy. The way I see it, this wayward sock was punishing me for picking up the needles and casting on the sweater swatch. “Just you see what I think about you abandoning us for some tart-swatch,” it taunted me as it slinked it’s way under that sofa.

Not one to put up with this sort of behavior, I pushed both the little Jojoland hussy and the offending seductive swatch with it’s sexy blend of merino, cashmere and silk out of my mind. Instead, I picked up the Shibui Knits textured raglan in this color.

3. Bored to tears.
While it looks like it will be a lovely sweater when done, it’s not the most exciting knit. On the other hand, it is a quick knit. Ten days into it, I’ve already got over nine inches on the body done and am thinking about starting sleeves. Is it photogenic? You tell me:


Whoops. My bad. That’s the hideous 60s carpet that is in my office. The RNK tells me the color of the sweater is remarkably similar. Could this have something to do with the boredom?

Here’s the real deal:

Textured Raglan

Meanwhile, a few accessories. A new bag and a new pair of “reader” sunglasses with a magnetic clip right at the center of the nose for car knitting and map reading on sunny days.

OK, so it's a kid's bag

They don't look quite as dorky on, honest.


2 Responses to “I have drifted”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    What a little fling could lead to, even with knitting. I wonder what might happen to me one fine day. I am a hopeless case when it comes to knitting monogamy. Although I am the most faithful person in relations – in knitting I have more of a swinger’s personality. Not that this allows to draw any conclusions regarding your love life ;-))).
    I really love the Jojoland color. I am sure I have some balls of that waiting for me in my stash. Whoa, that sounds like I don’t even know my stash anymore. I do know about my Jojoland balls (at least about the bulk of it that hasn’t wandered off into my subsonscious), but I am not sure if the colors are exactly the same because of the picture’s small size.
    I am positive that the stray sock would have sneaked away even if you had been a good girl and knitted on it’s companion. Did you buy that yarn in the shop around the corner? Maybe it was all a sly set-up in order to seduce the knitters at the dentist to shop some more stash in the store of the socks origin. You might ask the store for a commission to make up for the inconvenience . LOL

  2. Kate Says:

    It’s been such fun tonight catching up on the posts I hadn’t read recently – so many pics of Tassie, a reminder of how much limelight was focussed on your election not so long ago, and then sock dramas!!
    Crossing my fingers for a buyer for you,

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