It works!

January 6, 2009

After a few rough patches this morning, it appears that the internet connection has stabilized for now. You would think — well I would think — that a company that provides internet service in Colorado would understand the importance of installing systems that work even when it snows or when the wind blows. Not so. Not so here in the San Luis Valley anyway.

First, they decided my wireless radio antenna had gone bad. I told the technician who came out to repair it that I was concerned that the exceptional high winds we had could have blown the antenna out of position. This was my diagnosis.

“Nope,” he said. “Bad antenna.” He replaced it and weirdly enough, failed to tighten it down properly. The moderately high winds we had over the next few days easily blew the antenna out of position. Of course, I didn’t realize this at the time. I had to wait until they could fit me back into the repair schedule.

Finally, the same technician who installed the new antenna came back to make the repair. He admitted the newest problem was due to his failure to secure the antenna properly. He wasn’t even gone an hour when I realized the connection no longer worked, AGAIN!! This time, they just turned him around and he returned within the hour. He repointed the antenna to a tower on top of San Antone Mountain.

Snow causes this tower to fail. It’s on top of a mountain for pete’s sake! Of course it snows up there in winter. They had me pointed this direction last winter until I threw a fit and asked them to come out and change it because I was down at least one day a week every week all winter.

We’ll see how it goes. Typically spring brings our most severe storms.

Meanwhile, knitting and life progress. Unlike many knitters, I didn’t make stash busting resolutions, completing UFO resolutions, etc. For one, I am building stash like crazy in preparation for a yarn drought in my future. For another, I don’t have UFO’s. If I start it, I try to finish it. If I don’t finish it, I frog it. I like my knitting to be under control, in contrast to my work which seems to be perpetually out of control.

I don’t make many resolutions in life either. Usually only one per year. Let me give you some examples. About 10 years ago, my standing resolution for several years running: work less, earn more. This suggestion came out of my company’s employee suggestion box. I promptly adopted it as the best employee suggestion ever, without question, praised the wonders of an employee who could come up with such a brilliant idea and immediately adopted it for all future resolution purposes. [To clarify for those who don’t know my work situation, I work for myself, by myself.]

About five years ago, my resolution for a two years running was “drink more beer.” The first year I went from one or two six packs a year to about ten or 15. The next year, this resolution blossomed. I no longer need to keep this on my list. [interject coughing noise]

Three years ago, I made a resolution to “have more fun.” I did pretty good on this one. It’s still kind of on the list, although it has transmogrified into “enjoy life more.” This includes eating lots of chocolate, drinking better wine, taking more vacations and other similar challenging tasks. I’m working on it. I think I may keep this one for another year.

Last year, I had a resolution to write in a journal every day. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Quit that one — quite consciously, I might add — after about four months. I tried the “morning pages” approach recommended by Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg and other writers. The idea is to write in a journal first thing in the morning, every morning.

For me, this is a doomed proposition. I don’t properly wake up for about an hour. Crawling out of a perfectly comfortable, warm bed is so deplorable to me that I am normally in a horrible mood until I’ve gotten at least one giant cup of tea in my system. So, my journal consisted of grumbling, bitching, complaining, and being irritated with life in general. I do not recommend starting a day with this focus. And, I certainly do not recommend starting every day with this focus.

I’ve kicked around the idea of adding “knit more” to this year’s list. I may just have to ponder that one to see how it feels before I add it. Might be next year’s resolution.

Meanwhile, I did finish the Shibui Knits sweater. Blocking transformed it from an object fit only for the burn pile to a sweater worth wearing.

I’m still not wild about the color pooling. I do like the color however:

Shibui Knits Textured Raglan

Shibui Knits Textured Raglan

I actually like the way the neck turned out:


It has a nice drape to it:


We had a lovely moonrise this month. I ran as fast as I could to snap a shot. I couldn’t get the red-tipped peaks without the pivot:



It’s just a little further and in the few extra seconds, I missed it. Amazing how fast the color changes.


2 Responses to “It works!”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    Hi Ruth,
    What a great post. Usually I don’t do “new years resolutions”. The image of aspiring nonsmokers frantically puffing their last fags before midnight and then having a relapse about one or two weeks later pops into my mind when I hear this term. (“But I only smoke three per day now,” is what most of them will say for the next two months.) If I find out something is bad for me I want to stop it immediately. If something is good, why wait until Jan first to bring it into my life. I once read that the connection between a thought and the subsequent action lies in the now. I mean, picture two people deciding that they belong to each other. They wouldn’t agree on starting their love relation not before new years day, would they? LOL
    But after reading your way of handling it I might reconsider the whole aspect. Enjoy life more! That’s a wonderful one. Maybe I should make a list. Is there a period of extention?

    The sweater is gorgeous. The pooling looks a bit like a desert landscape with small patches of shadows here and there. But it’s a very nice color. Looks like curry powder to me.

    Have a nice day and abide by your resolution to knit more. I love to see what comes out of it.

  2. Emmy Lou Says:

    HEY it turned out great!!! You have to wear it to the next knit-along so we can all oooh and ahhhh

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