I’m learning to live with it

February 4, 2009

The internet connection goes up and down. I have come to think of it as a person, an older person, who likes to take naps — every day, all day. Sometimes, cat naps. Sometimes, siestas. Sometimes, just a good long sleep.

Apparently, this is just how it is and waiting for it to get better will be a very long wait indeed. Perhaps the universe is teaching me patience. I have resigned myself to living with it. Life goes on. I am back to posting.

While I have not braved the blog, I have braved the needles (and quite a bit of shopping!). See:

Bird's Nest Smoke Ring from Elann

Bird's Nest Smoke Ring from Elann

Birds Nest Smoke Ring

Birds Nest Smoke Ring

I discovered elann.com thanks to the Claire, the enabler. I purchased several lovely yarns and found several lovely patterns including the Bird’s Nest Smoke Ring which was a fun and quick knit. It took only a week or two and viola, a pretty little neck warmer that’s soft and drapey. I used the Peruvian Baby Silk.

Then I started on the sweater (see previous post) for the resident non-knitter. This was against my better judgement as I have previously mentioned. None-the-less, I measured and swatched and commenced to knit. He said, “That won’t fit me.” I said, “Oh yes, it’s just jammed onto this 24-inch needle; but, it is your size.”

Then he said, “Is that the neck?” I assured him no, it was the ribbing that goes around the bottom. “It won’t fit,” he said. I replied again, a little more forcefully, “Oh yes, it’s just jammed onto this 24-inch needle; but, it is your size.”

I finished the first skein of Cascade 220 in all of it’s glorious yardage, and realized I had made a slight mistake in the cable pattern. Opps. Left out two rows of plain knitting for each pattern repeat. This in and of itself is not a big deal, I thought. It just makes the cable twist a bit tighter. I could add in a few repeats with one more row added back in, then do the same again with the other row added back in and it might actually be one of those fortuitous mistakes that gives the sweater a bit of nice shaping suitable to a man’s physique.

Or perhaps, if the loss of the two rows didn’t make the sweater less stretchy, I would just continue with my slightly revised pattern. I thought, I better have him try this on to make sure the pattern didn’t get too tight with this mistake modification.

I switched to a 100 cm cable and had him step into the sweater. It fit great! Plenty of stretch. In fact, I could pull the ribbing out about 8-inches from his body with no problems. Either solution, leave as is or gradually change over the next few rows, would work just fine.

“It doesn’t fit,” he said.
“What? Of course it fits.”
“Nope. It doesn’t fit around me.”
“Clearly it fits around you. It is around you. Look how much extra stretch there is.”
“It doesn’t fit around me.”
“I’ll block it, it won’t feel as tight.”
“I can’t possibly wear it. I can’t put it on.”
Glaring look that is not possible to capture in words from resident non-knitter.
Evil eye look that is not possible to capture in words from resident knitter.

I frogged the entire thing and started over (not that evening mind you!) with an additional 30 something stitches in the ribbing.

Actually, although I hate to say it, it’s much nicer. I ended up with a K3P1 rib with extra stitches added in for the body only on the cable pattern itself. It turned out lovely and best of all, the resident non-knitter adores it.

Hamefarin Raglan Pullover

Hamefarin Raglan Pullover

Hamefarin Raglan

Hamefarin Raglan

Meanwhile, I’ve fallen in love with Cascade 220 and the newest knit store in Colorado! The Yarn Gallery is in Alamosa and is run by Kim of Cat Mountain Fiber Arts fame.

This has enabled continued yarn shopping in spite of a lousy internet connection! SQUEEEE!

Why not dance? I've got yarn!

Why not dance? I've got yarn!

She has a nice selection of her hand-dyed yarn, Jamieson’s, Cascade, some Noro, and bunches of other things. You can even buy needles, some books and other knitterly delights. What a nice treat to be able to shop for yarn locally!


2 Responses to “I’m learning to live with it”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    Hi Ruth,

    The smoke ring is adorable. Don’t get frustrated about the NRK. I knitted socks for my ex because he told me, that the ones I knitted before are still sacred to him. So I called at his birthday to congratulate him and ask him if the new ones fit. But he hadn’t even put them on yet. :-))) Maybe they are so sacred now that they are not to be touched. Imagine, my socks residing in a shrine now. LOLOLOLOL

  2. Kimberly Says:

    I love the photo of you doing the yarn squee dance! Thanks also for the kind words, and thanks for coming over yesterday!

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