Been to any slumber parties lately?

March 25, 2009

I have. This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a slumber party arranged by one of my friend’s husbands for her birthday. It really was sweet. He invited several of her girlfriends, then he arranged to stay with one of the lady’s husbands, leaving the house to the “girls.” What a guy!

It’s a whole different animal, a slumber party among 50 year olds. The most obvious difference was that everyone went to bed by 11:30. When I was a young pup, anyone at a slumber party who went to bed before 3:30 a.m. would have been considered a light-weight and would have likely suffered the consequences via a frozen bra or some other prank.

Next up, no one thought it was unusual or exceptional to have a few bottles of wine on hand. Most of us brought one and consequently, only a few bottles were opened. Most went home unopened the following day.

No one wanted to know who had started having periods; but, rather, who had stopped. “How do you deal with hot flashes” seemed to be an evening theme.

There was plenty of “girly” activity. Nail painting, tarot cards, a ojiua board was even available — although no one expressed a keen desire to obtain information from the other side regarding their latest crush. In fact, the oracle and divination questions had a lot less to do with the opposite sex than they did with life in general.

We ate “stinky” cheese and gourmet crackers. One ambitious soul — the youngest of the group at a mere 45 — cooked a delicious shrimp pasta based upon a recipe she has made her own after regular travels in Italy. She goes there a few times a year for work. Another served a delightful raw kale salad based upon an Esalen Institute recipe. She lived in California for many years and got the recipe from a friend who frequented Esalen.

Who would have ever thought this group of formerly gangly long-legged, brace-toothed young girls could have become such worldly creatures? Certainly, I’m sure none of us could have envisioned this slumber party 35 years ago.

My friend’s house sits in a spectacular location. While most of the girls took off on a short walk the following morning, I stayed behind to chat with the oldest of the group. At nearly 60, Kim Lacy is an extremely talented fiber artist. Even her house is a work of art. Kim and I talked fibers, knitting, and quilting while I shopped. I came home with one of her designs in a perfect size to serve as a sock knitting bag:

Kim works with several world-class wildlife photographers who allow her to use their images. This particular image, a whooping crane, was taken in Minnesota, I believe. She uses Photoshop to posterize and adjust the contrast, then tackles a rather involved printing process to print the adjusted images on muslin.

Next, her artistry kicks in. Using multicolored rayon thread, she “draws” with her sewing machine on the image, and quilts the bags using shapes inspired by those of the image itself. Each bag is a work of art. Unique. Interesting. Many incorporate exquisite details.

The coordinating lining really attracted me to this particular bag. A shimmery copper number was also in the running. But I just loved this interior:

My photography does not do Kim’s work justice. I tried to find a web page showing her work. I believe she sells through some galleries near Loveland, Colorado. However, I couldn’t find any. If you are interested, let me know and I’ll find out if she sells on line. This woman “needs” an Etsy shop!


2 Responses to “Been to any slumber parties lately?”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    Frozen bras? I think I have never been to a consummate slumber party. LOL. The bag looks beautiful. My, what colors. Since I just bought a bag myself and was dithering between eggplant and darf olive color I can understand you fell in love with this one.
    Are you now taking care of knitting only socks in matching colors when you use this bag? LOLOL. Just kidding. But I know a particular gal from Germany who would just do that. ;-)))

  2. Kimberly Says:

    What a great post – the party must have been wonderful! And the bag is just beautiful.

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