The Horse

May 1, 2009

I think I have mentioned the horse, but I’m not sure I’ve ever shown a picture of the horse. He’s not super photogenic because every time he sees me near him, he either walks up to me

or . . .


he yawns. Which is so unflattering. Really, he is a handsome boy.


The most wonderful thing about him though, is his personality. Oscar loves people. He likes being with people almost as much as he likes being with other horses. He likes being with people almost as much as he likes eating. If you know horses, you know this says volumes about his proclivities towards humans.

The horses got out one day a couple of years ago. They came over to the house to look through the living room window. I’m pretty sure he has always had a burning desire to see what goes on in the house and to see what we do in there because I often see him standing in the coral, staring into the window across the way. I know he’s looking because if I wave, his ears move. Unfortunately, we weren’t home the day he came by for his close up look.

The neighbors found Oscar, and his stablemate Tag — you can see Tag in the background — eating out of their alfalfa stack. We knew he had made the stop by our window because of the humongous tongue marks everywhere on it and the dainty little hoof marks he left underneath. Also the calling cards. I can tell his poop from the other horse’s poop. It’s a different color. (As if you care.)

Anyway, the neighbors called the other neighbor, who owns Tag. He drove over, got a feed bucket, shook it out the window of the truck and they followed him back home to our house. Anything for a feed bucket. Better than alfalfa even. Horses are smart. But sometimes, I just wonder how easily they can be duped. Or maybe, they just know a good thing.

Life isn’t too bad here. Plenty of food. Good water. Treats. Lots of scratches. Occasional forays out into the world. Maybe they are smarter than I think.

By the way, poor Tag had a rough winter. He’s an old boy, getting upwards towards 30. I’m trying to put some weight on him; but, he’s not as much interested in food as he used to be. Any ideas on good ways to fatten up an old horse?

I guess it’s time for Senior Feed and that’s on my “to do” list. I’m open to other suggestions though. He doesn’t like apples, so apple-flavored supplements are out. He does like carrots. He adores watermelon. But I haven’t seen any horse supplements in watermelon flavor. Yet. I’m sure it’s up and coming.


2 Responses to “The Horse”

  1. mereth Says:

    My friend had a horse that kept losing condition and she was advised to try barley mash. She cooked the grain in the crockpot overnight on low, and added a bit of molasses and dry feed, and it really worked. When I had a dog that couldn’t put on weight I remembered this and fed him barley cooked with mince. That was his preferred food for the rest of his life. I got a bit sick of cooking it but he lost weight whenever he ate tinned food, so it was a labour of love.

  2. Chrissie Says:

    If the horses can make a man giving them an additional buck of feed simply by licking a window pane I wonder who is being duped here ;-))).

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