Laughing Kookaburra

August 5, 2009

I haven’t been posting. I have been knitting and touring. On Monday, I drove past this guy and did a quick reverse to get this shot:


I also went to a Tasmanian Devil Park and got this shot right before feeding time:


Tons (or, I reckon, as would be said here in Tasmania — Heaps) of other photos to share (182 on Monday alone!); but, it’s a hassle working on the laptop instead of the “real” computer. That’s why I haven’t been posting much. It will have to wait until I get home. Meanwhile, there have been a significant number of finished objects in addition to the Neon socks:


The Tam kit was a gift from Kimberly at Cat Mountain. She thought I would need something to keep me occupied while traveling. I had heaps of yarn left over so I did the beanie version of the same pattern. Midnight Sun Tam. A very cool knit indeed. She’s at Sock Summit now and if you are there, be sure to stop by to check out her lovely hand-dyed yarn.


The cowl was a pattern I just winged. Turned out lovely I think. I like it quite a bit, if I do say so. Love, love, love the Alchemy Haiku yarn. The color is more true in the first picture.



I’m working on a sweater now, which oddly enough, no one has posted pictures of yet on Ravelry. Does that mean I have weird taste? It’s highly textured. That was what attracted me to the pattern, A Morn in May, available from Classic Elite. I grabbed it from Patternfish. Now that I’ve got the back almost finished, I don’t like it anymore. Why? The pattern is so textured. I guess there is no pleasing some folks. I’ll carry on because I know by now, that I go through this love, hate, like thing with all my knitting. I’m hoping I can get to the “like” stage again when it’s finished. It is a fun pattern to knit and it is doing a great job of keeping me amused. So, whether I like it or not isn’t really relevant anyway.

Process baby, it’s all about the process.


2 Responses to “Laughing Kookaburra”

  1. Wen Says:

    The Kookaburra photo is fabulous.

  2. Chrissie Says:

    Hi Ruth,
    sorry, I was so used to the last post and the thought that you have a hard time posting, that I gave up checking ;-))). But now I have tons or rather heaps to read. Great! I LOVE your posts.
    And you had me in stitches again, because when I read the sentence “Now that I’ve got the back almost finished….” I already knew what was coming next. And I am sure that you will end up like the sweater very much, like with all your other knittings. But I’d better not jump to conclusions. You might have posted the opposite already. LOL
    Off to more post reading

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