Still struggling to find time

September 16, 2009

to knit on the Classic Elite pattern. However, now that I’m home, I can show some pictures of the Asymmetrical Jacket I finished for my mom right before I left on the big adventure.

asymmetric jacket

good color shot

It looks really tiny. I hope it fits. I blocked it to her specifications on the measurements, so really, it should. The RNK mailed it off for me today. I guess I’ll know soon.

There are some unsightly bumps from the blocking pins. I pinned it out the night before I left on my trip so it was completely dry by the time the RNK got home and unpinned it for me. There are even — gasp — some rust stains from the pins. They are small and hopefully will come out. You can see the bumps along the arms. The stains are tiny specks in only one or two spots.

blocking bumps

I think the bumps will come out in the wearing. I’m sure they will come out if she steams it lightly.

If I had it to do over again, I would do the decreases in the neck a little differently. I did make some modifications on the way the buttons were placed in the section that goes up onto the shoulder and in the shaping of the piece in which those buttonholes are placed. However, don’t ask me what I did. All I know was that I ended up practicing on another scrap of yarn because I knitted and tinked that stretch so many times the yarn would have shown signs of wear if I had worked on the sweater itself.

Hopefully, over the next few days I’ll make some forward progress on the other sweater too. Right now, it’s in one of those back and forth stages where everything I do one night comes out the next and so on and so on and so on.

I knit. I tink.


2 Responses to “Still struggling to find time”

  1. I feel so silly – I hadn’t realised you were headed back home so soon, so having missed a few meetings I only met you that once at the bonus snb! That’ll teach me not to keep up my blog reading. I’ll bet it feels good to settle back into life at home though – and that your animals missed you!
    Your Asymmetrical jacket is interesting… I like garments with different structural approaches.

  2. asunda Says:

    I love this pattern. I saw it on Revelry and tried to link up to the free pattern but for some reason it’s not available, nor available to purchase anymore.
    I wondered if you would be open to sharing the pattern instructions for it?
    I love your soft rendition of it. Totally changed the feeling of the sweater.

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