Reasons for not posting

October 22, 2009

Lately, more and more blog posts — not just mine, but posts from several of the bloggers I read — start with a list of excuses for not posting more frequently. I could do that. But why?

Suffice it to say, we moved. I thought about taking pictures of the piles of packed boxes, U-Haul trucks and rooms full of partially unpacked boxes. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Three reasons:

1. I was so caught up in the process that I didn’t want to take time out to take photos.

2. I didn’t want to remind myself of the amount of work I did. Yes, the RNK helped, but he went to work every day while I remained immersed in the trauma of it all, day in and day out. Three whole weeks of packing, cleaning both houses and unpacking. My office was a major effort of its own.

3. It seemed a shame to show this lovely house that we stumbled into at its worst.

I did take several photos of “move-free” zones and those I will include. Sooner or later, after the interior looks more settled and there aren’t little piles of things I need to put away everywhere, I’ll take some interior shots too.

As you drive up, the first thing you see is the garage:


The mosaic work above the doors hints at some of the artistic details this property includes:


As you step out of your car and look south toward the house, you get a nice overveiw of the courtyard and a glimpse of the entryway:



Within the courtyard, more mosaic work:


In addition to beauty and the beast, there are mosaic hummingbirds, bluebirds and a rooster and hen. There are two entries into the courtyard. This one leads south toward the corner of the house and onto the path that leads to the exterior entrance for the sunroom.


From the inside of the house, looking back toward the front doors:


The views from the deck are spectacular. Due west:


And north toward Mt. Blanca:


The views along my “commute,” a short walk from the house to the garage. Not too shabby!


The doorway into the garage part of the garage:


I have two nice windows in my office. One looks out over the pinyon/juniper forest in which the house is nestled. The other looks east towards the cliff face of Cat Mountain. The garage settles into the hillside, so my office windows are at ground level outside, but eye level inside. It makes for an interesting perspective on the world and keeps the office a little warmer. I tried to take a picture to show but it’s the wrong time of day. The sun angle makes it impossible to photograph.

We still have unpacking and organizing to do. I still have to set up my inter-office network. Obviously, I have the external connection to my ISP up and running or you wouldn’t be seeing this. We have a few issues with the house. No matter how nice, every house needs something. However, all in all, I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to live in such a wonderful home.


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