I have a tiny office

November 5, 2009

made even smaller by the fact that it includes three dog beds. Two for the dogs; one for the cat.

In spite of that, Opal seems to find my chair a more comfortable spot:


Today, I managed to squeeze her far enough back that I do have a small ledge to perch on. Comfortable? No!

Jakob is more accommodating. He sleeps in one of the dog beds:


Is he comfortable? Apparently. This is his preferred sleeping posture. It offers a great glimpse of his gap-tooth smile:


There has been knitting. I’m trying my first felting project, a pair of house slippers. Freaky!


Yes, that is a 12 inch (30.5 cm) ruler inbetween the pair. Can they possibly felt down that much? Not yet. But I’m still working on it. It’s harder since my washer is a front loader and it doesn’t work well with a single-item load.

Does anyone have some alternative felting method suggestions for me?


One Response to “I have a tiny office”

  1. Vicki Says:

    I have a front loader too. Throw a pair or two of old jeans in with the item you want to felt. Run the machine on hot with a little soap. That should do the trick.

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