When I worked for the

November 10, 2009

federal government, we had plenty of freezes. Spending freezes and hiring freezes topped the list.

Nicci, in the Tassie Stitchers Group on Ravelry proposed a Stash Freeze. I’m liking that. She said, “I am now formally on a stash freeze, and may not, not, not, purchase any more yarn until I have made at least 15 items from stash yarn. (in a small voice – unless someone asks what I want for Christmas – that can’t count).”

Well said! I jumped on board; I am number 6 to sign on. I will concentrate on socks to work on trimming the sock yarn stash (although I have heard that sock yarn never counts as stash). Pair 1 is on the needles.

A momentary aside: If that were true about sock yarn not counting, I would have to bail on the whole idea — I can’t even imagine how long it would take me to knit 15 sweaters or 15 lace projects — my other two primary stash components. Forget that. I could never keep away from yarn purchases for that long. So, in this instance, and perhaps this instance only, sock yarn counts as stash.

Thank goodness I got that last little purchase of the Tasmanian wool offered by elann.com in at the end of October!


It looks a little splitty to work with. No where near as nice as the Japanese-spun Tasmanian wool that they had at the Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild of Tasmania. But at $2.98 a ball vs. heaps more, (I put that price right out of my mind) I can live with it.

It satisfies my “need” to have some Tasmanian yarn in my stash.



One Response to “When I worked for the”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    How good you left that door ajar to send you yarn for X-mas. With my knitting plans, that are still based on the life of a single knitter, and my actual amount of knitting time, I might not be able to finish one or the other knitted object. But we will see ;-))). BTW the Socks That Rock color looks soooo familiar, but I cannot come up with the name either. Rather embarrassing. And congrats on the swap. Both sweater and scarf look amazing. The scarf pattern is on my long long looooong list of “wannado’s”. Sometime in the distant future ;-)))).

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