Scarves are needed!

November 25, 2009

I follow a bunch of blogs. One of the more enjoyable is Anne’s of Knitspot fame.

Today she posted that the Red Scarf Project needs scarves! They are short by about 2,200 scarfs. And by the way, they need not be red.

In an effort to get a bunch more scarfs for this very cool cause, Anne posted this on her blog today:

Here’s what we’ll do: we’ll create a stickied thread in the the knitspot ravelry group where you can post a photo of your completed red scarf project and chat with other participants. everyone who commits to making a scarf can participate there, but only those that post a photo of a completed scarf will be eligible for a drawing to be held at the end.

On december 16th, we’ll pull one name from the ravelry thread (it MUST be someone who posted a completed scarf) and send that person a wonderful surprise package.

I’m sure any surprise package from Anne will be stunning!

If you follow the first link, the Red Scarf Project one, there’s also a contest there for monetary contributions. No need to break your Holiday knitting mojo if you got one going. Just send cash.

If you are of a mind to knit a scarf or two or three by the December something deadline, here are the detailed specs directly from Norma’s blog:

If you are able to eke out a scarf, or another scarf, before the December 15 deadline, (or even somewhere close to the deadline will be acceptable) I hope you will consider it. Remember the guidelines, but please don’t be paralyzed into inaction by the guidelines. The goal is a nice, unisex scarf, and the preferred color is red BUT there are hundreds of shades that are unisex… just stay away from pink and lilac. And there are dozens of unisex designs… just stay away from the lace.

Here they are again: 5 to 8 inches wide, 60ish inches long. Unisex. Sport, DK, or worsted weight. (bulky or super-bulky will not fit into the shipping boxes)

Mail completed scarves to:

Orphan Foundation of America
The Red Scarf Project
21351 Gentry Drive
Sterling, VA 20166

So, tell a friend, or two, or a dozen! I just made my contribution. How about you?


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