I started a scarf

December 2, 2009

for the Red Scarf Project. (I’m not sure that the link worked in my last post — hopefully it will work this time.) It’s going to be touch and go on the yardage. I don’t have a lot of red choices in my stash and even this one isn’t exactly red. It is more autumn with maroon and bits of green and navy and a touch of orange. Rather masculine actually.

I knit an inch, took it off the needles and weighed it and calculated how long it would most likely turn out with the amount of yarn I have. I came up with 63 inches. But, I didn’t think it was going to be quite wide enough, so I made some modifications in stitch count and needle size. Hopefully, I will come close to the 60″ length. The worst case scenario is that I might end up with a 58 inch scarf if my math is right. I’m going to go with it.

I did find one more skein in my stash that could make up scarf number two if this one just blazes along. How about you? Any red scarf knitting?


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