I showed the

December 8, 2009

RNK the post I wrote the other day. I thought it was so hilarious I could hardly stop laughing.

He looked at me. “What are you laughing at?”

“That post. It cracks me up.”

“Why? I can’t even read it. It just goes on and on.”

“You don’t think it’s even a little bit funny? Comparing myself to Opal? The little freak?”

“No, it’s sad. Is this how you spend your days? This must have taken hours.”

“But I write all day. I write fast. This didn’t take any time at all. Sometimes I don’t even think when I write. ”

“Well, I can see that.” He got up and left in disgust.

Oh well. Some people have NO sense of humor. None. Not a trace. At least I enjoy myself. If I ever had any doubts about posting whatever I wanted about the RNK with complete impunity, they vanished like a wisp of smoke in an Oregon winter gale. Obviously however, I never had any illusions he would be interested in a knitting blog. Why do you think he has the moniker, resident non-knitter?

Meanwhile, here are a couple of shots from my office windows this morning:

A good day to be inside writing, working on newsletters and knitting. Red scarf knitting. I have one scarf two-thirds completed and the other is resting. I added some black bands on the resting one at the half-way point to alleviate any yarn shortage concerns. Don’t like it.

I may have to tink back a few inches if I have time and add black stripes at the very ends if it comes out short. It will. Hard to say how short after blocking, but pre-blocking it will only be 56 to 57 inches — less than expected based upon my initial calculations. I reweighed it and remeasured with many more inches knitted. Instead of getting 1.66 grams to the inch (which would have used every last bit of yarn to reach 60 inches), I’m at 1.76 g/inch or about 6 grams short. Too bad.

I found some black Shibui Knits fingering sock yarn that is a dead ringer for the Plymouth Happy Feet in terms of weight, twist and feel. The colors look really nice together too. I hope I can get both scarfs finished in time! Apparently though, that shouldn’t be a problem as long as the second one is mailed this month. I hope the recipients like what I made for them. Freaky personality notwithstanding. (Here I go, laughing again.)


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