End of the year ramblings

December 22, 2009

My first post was on September 26, 2007. The question I have been mulling over for the past several days now: Have I gone anywhere worth going since then? I mean, in terms of the blog.

Clearly my physical self has been to some fantastic places. Elk and Friendly Beach are two standouts that immediately come to mind. There were plenty of others too, between then and now. Back to the question at hand though. Is the blog worth blogging?

I like to write. It’s what I do. That alone may be grounds for continuation. Is there something more though? Why not just keep a journal if all I want to do is write?

Granted, I know I don’t have a huge audience. OK. I have an audience of two. Maybe three. But, just the same, writing here gives me the illusion that my words could be read by other people. Perhaps, that alone, makes the blog blogworthy.

Sure, I write for work. Plenty of what I write gets read — by the proofreaders at least. Perhaps even a few brave souls read the stuff about powerline safety, utility industry legislation and current events at the local electric cooperative. I have never deluded myself into thinking that what I write for work is actually read by the people who receive the cooperative’s publications. On the other hand, I know more read that writing than read this. So again, why blog?

The thing is, that writing doesn’t scratch the itch — the itch to write that I just can’t seem to get over. Apparently, writing is not something I have a choice about. It’s part of the wiring, the genetic coding, the programing that came with this body. Got to. Blogging gives me the chance to write publicly in a way that differs from the public work writing. Namely, I get to pick the topics.

And so, I have come to the conclusion to continue; but, to take the turn in the road. Or rather, climb the hill to the next rise. It’s time to ratchet this baby up a notch.

I may not post more; but, I am going to make it my intent to post better. That may mean fewer posts about knitting and more posts about other. That may mean fewer of my bad photographs.

Or not. I just hate pictureless posts.


3 Responses to “End of the year ramblings”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    Lucky us that you hate picture-less posts, because that one is beautiful. I have always liked your blog as is, but I am looking forward to the ratcheting! Thanks again for a fun dinner and visit.

  2. Bev Love Says:

    Keep it coming!! I don’t like to post without pictures either, and sometimes that keeps me from posting at all. I want to have visuals, it’s too hard to describe things in mere words sometimes. You could say you went to the beach and it was lovely – but for us to be able to see the wet sand, it’s just so much more. Keep it up as long as you like – we’ll be here.

  3. Chrissie Says:

    Gooooooood. I am so relieved that you will continue your blog. Maybe it’s just me or a knitter think in general, but the word “discontinued” is almost a threat (not to be confused with thread – pun intended).
    I am happy to have a good read from you now and then.

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