Laugh, Live, Love

January 2, 2010

My New Year’s resolutions have never fallen into the typical, loose weight, get more fit, be more organized, categories. I prefer more obtainable choices. For several years running, I did really well with my “drink more beer” resolution. Enough said on that one.

“Enjoy life more” has been a consistent theme for the past few years too and in many ways, I have made great gains in achieving this goal. In 2009, I had several achievements that fell into this category:

  • I have for once and for all, completely given up the idea of ever working for anyone but myself.
  • I traveled more.
  • I drank some really great wine.
  • I got rid of tons of “hobby” things that I will never do again and were just cluttering up my life.
  • This year, I’m going to stick with the theme, but as I resolved to do with the blog, I’m going to take it up a notch.

    My 2010+ resolution:
    Laugh more, live more, love more.

    Won’t you join me?


    2 Responses to “Laugh, Live, Love”

    1. I’m in! Loved your post.

    2. Chrissie Says:

      Great resolutions. I’m in too. When I focussed on mine, I had your words on my mind, and so istead of coming up with restrictions, I concentrated on what I want to create in 2010. I have the silly notion to learn Spanish, which does not serve any other need than my whim, for example. So why not. ;-)))
      And I want to un-learn several things, that bothered me before. I am in the process of forgetting how to get sick on airplanes. Very nice to be stuck in a turbulence with the reassuring feeling, that I cannot quite remember anymore, how I managed to get my stomach upset on previous flights. So far it worked just fine. Although I am still busy with the next upgrade – which is: doing it all and keep on knitting at the same time. LOL
      So this year I want to forget a lot. Liberating Altzheimers? Feng Shui of the mind? Airing the brain? HIF (have I forgotten)? As long as I can remember the link to this blog I think I will be good. ;-)))

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