Third week of every month

February 2, 2010

is my newsletter production week. Actually, it starts the week before and carries over. That’s why, I rarely post on the bog in the middle part of the month.

But here is a brand new shiny month, so I’m back with a tiny bit of extra time on my hands. I would have had even more time if the motherboard on the big desktop hadn’t decided to eat the memory card and then go postal and shoot herself. But that’s another story — and one that isn’t very exciting I fear.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering about the second shunning I’ve gotten. The first was from Yarn Harlot. This second, from Crazy Aunt Purl. I love both of their blogs. I consider both “must reading.” This is one thing the two have in common.

The second: both Yarn Harlot and Crazy Aunt Purl have had camera issues. The third: I offered both a Canon Power Shoot camera to solve their camera woes. For free. No strings. OK, well, maybe send me a book. Want it? email me, I’ll send it.

For example, this was the message I posted in the comments for Crazy Aunt Purl:
I have a Canon something or other point and shoot. Do you want it? It’s brand new (nearly) and in the box. It has a story. Initially I won a Canon point and shoot in a contest. I used it for work for three years. Then something happened and it didn’t work so I sent it in to Canon for repair and they decided they liked me (or something like that). They kept it and sent me the current brand spanking new model. Meanwhile, I bought a much nicer Nikon. The Canon has been sitting in the box for a couple of years. I offered it to YarnHarlot when her camera died, but she never emailed me back. Perhaps she thought I was insane. I am not. I just have an extra camera I don’t need. Want it? I’ll trade you for one of your books. 🙂 or not. Whatever. Email me.

Shunned. Not even a “hi” back. Now maybe it’s just me, but I like to think I would send at least a “thanks for your kind offer” message. Or maybe not. Perhaps these gals are just too famous to read all the comments on their blogs. Especially the Harlot. She gets a lot.

I mean really. Don’t you think it’s weird? I know this isn’t a current model camera. But hey, the price was good. Do you think I was crazy (I’m breaking into song here — Joni Mitchell “Twisted” * ) to expect at least a nod in my direction, even if neither wanted to take a nice little camera off the crazy girl’s hands?

I guess I’ll have to resort to selling the doggone thing. Weird.

camera I offered

I tried it once. Put it back. It's good

Photos taken with a Nikon D40.

*Do you think I was crazy? I may have only been three, but I was swinging.
They all laugh at angry young men
They all laugh at Edison
And also at Einstein
So why should I feel sorry
If they just couldn’t understand
The idiomatic logic
That went on in my head
I had a brain
It was insane . . .
Thanks Joni!


4 Responses to “Third week of every month”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    Ha ha, I don’t think you are crazy. I once left a very nice comment on Laurie’s blog. I don’t recall it precisely, but it was an offer or a question, something that one might have expected a response to. Nothing. Maybe too busy, maybe worried about weirdos, or who knows what? Good luck selling your camera!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    That is so generous of you! They could have at least written you back. Common courtesy, you know?

    P.S. How much are you selling it for? My current p&s camera makes my cell phone camera look good.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Personally I would be really suspicious of someone offering me an unused camera, and I’m sure they would be too, especially as high-profile bloggers who may or may not have some enemies. It’s a very sweet idea in spirit, but perhaps you could give it to a friend of yours who needs a camera?

    (I love Canon cameras! Have the same model of point&shoot myself and it’s lasted something like six years so far, only had to get fixed once and that was for free!)

  4. Chrissie Says:

    I commented on the Harlot’s blog as well once or twice. Of course without such a fancy incentive to answer my comment. I think with all the comments she gets, she cannot possibly read all of it and knit one single thing. I am glad for every blogger with a huge following, but the concept of admitting comments does not make sense anymore, if you are not able to catch up with the reactions. Does a blog then become a means to vent? A one way street? Who knows, but the blogger in question. But I don’t feel motivated to leave comments on these blogs anymore. ;-)))

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