There’s been an interruption to our normally scheduled programming

February 14, 2010

because of the Ravelympics.

I wasn’t going to enter. For pete’s sake, I am barely healed from my hand injury. But like any athlete who has been in training for the past four years, how could I not?

My project? I can’t work on Rosaire in blue because I started it after January 12, and for this reason — some Ravelry rule — it doesn’t really fit into any category. But Mendocino (From Alice Starmore’s Pacific Coast Highway). Well, that’s a different story. I started last December. I frogged. I restarted. I frogged. I bought the proper yarn. I haven’t even swatched, but I think it still counts as a work in progress because I’ve really been trying to knit this sweater. It just hasn’t gotten anywhere. It’s at zero.

Meanwhile, back to the interruption. If you have read any — and I mean ANY — of my previous posts, you have a good notion about my ability to carry on with more than one WIP. Can’t do it. Makes me weird. Am weird. Makes me even weirder. Even by knitter standards.

Now, with this bold decision to walk — nay run — down the athletic side of knitting, I have embarked down an avenue completely unexplored by this knitter.

I will have not one, not two, but THREE works in progress. I know for some of you, this seems so meager. It hardly merits mention. But for me, this is HUGE. I mean really, really mega, humongous, monstrous huge.

First, the possum socks. I’m close. I turned the heel on the second sock. However, no way on earth I’m going to finish by tomorrow at whatever time the Olympics start.

Second, the vest. Rosarie in blue. Set aside because of the massive weight (not!) of this vest with an entire 4 inches or so knitted. OK. It really did hurt my hand. Maybe it has something to do with the way I manage my stranded knitting. Maybe it has to do with my self-designed PT program. Got to investigate that. Meanwhile, it was on hold. Now, even thought the hand is healed and I could resume knitting, because it’s too new of a project, it can’t be Olympic material. I find that somewhat weird, but I’ll go with it.

Project three, decided on Friday afternoon on impulse, as mentioned above, is the Mendocino cardigan in Ruby Bainin. Decided to enter with not even a swatch under my belt. Not a single skein wound. Can I be ready by opening ceremonies? No way! We have company coming over for dinner on Friday night. So, I will be doing this as a complete project — swatch to finish during the Games, hopefully.

Although, knowing that I am still recovering from said hand injury and with two newsletters to finish next week, I have set a goal of finishing the fronts and the back. In the back of my mind though, I would like to have a finished garment by closing the closing ceremony.

Meanwhile, I snuck in one little project. I made a tea cozy. Well, actually, it’s a bistro cozy for the bistro we use to make green tea on the weekends. I warned the RNK, twice, about the Ravelympics. The second time, I went so far as to let him know that I am doing this, the tea cozy, as appeasement knitting. I warned him that during the next two weeks or so, I will be a crazed knitter. I don’t think he got it. After Saturday, he got it. I made great progress and am taking a little respite today, just to make sure the hand is OK.

I do know he was pleased to see the tea cozy in progress. He was less than pleased when he saw the finished project. Too bulky. But let me tell you, this baby works. Tea leaves were still steaming when I went to wash out the tea pot a good 45 minutes after we drank the last drop of tea! Simply amazing. He did take note of the steaming leaves. He did recognized that it is effective in spite of it’s bistros-in-bondage styling.

I used a brioche stitch, size 11 needles, bulky yarn. Stockinette or perhaps a simple K1, P1 rib would have been a better choice with the bulky yarn and if I ever make another, I’ll do something a little less severe. No time to grab a photo today; but, I’ll get one for tomorrow along with a progress post on Mendocino. It is coming along nicely.

And as you know, I hate pictureless posts. Have I shown this one before? Another one taken in Creede last spring.

Red barn in Creede


One Response to “There’s been an interruption to our normally scheduled programming”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    Hi Ruth, now you’re getting somewhere in your career as a knitter. Three projects. That’s sounds really promising and capable of development ;-)))). Good luck with the Ravelympics.

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