I wanted to post these pictures yesterday

February 19, 2010

but WordPress said, “No.” Just a blank screen. One time it offered to let me tell someone about my difficulties; but, I figured they were probably already on it.

It’s not like I didn’t have other things to do. It’s been a wild, crazy week. Car is repaired and home. Big desktop computer is still dead. My skills as a computer mechanic have expanded multi-fold. I removed and replaced the motherboard! I’ve gotten newsletters finished and off to the printer. I started on the web site for selling our house. Well, mostly it’s started in my mind. However, for me, that’s a huge part of the battle.

I have progressed on Mendocino. In fact, it’s even further along now that these pictures show since they were taken yesterday morning.

Mendocino Fronts and Back

What you are seeing is the back and the two front pieces. I’m knitting all three at the same time for sanity’s sake. It’s my way of dealing with oceans of stockinette. This way too, I’ll be sure that the cable pattern, decreases for the neck, etc. all start at the exact same spot on each piece. I know, it doesn’t really look like much. Not very impressive Ravelympic knitting. Such is life.

The AS Bainin yarn is a bit rough to work with. It rolls like crazy at the edges, more than any other stockinette sweater I’ve knitted. I’m glad I decided to do the proper thing and wash my swatch. It feels much nicer and when I get discouraged about how tough and scratchy the yarn feels, I reach into my project back and fondle the swatch for a minute. The swatch also behaves well. It lays nice and flat and it drapes quite nicely. I did go down one needle size after I measured the washed swatch. My sweater fabric is a bit denser. It probably will wear like iron!

I am making the sweater two inches shorter. I hope this isn’t a mistake. If my calculations are correct, the finished sweater will hit just below the bottom roll of fat on my butt. I think another two inches would have made the sweater look too 80s. It already has an 80s look and the length just took it over the edge for me.

I’m going to have to sit down and do some math. My gauge is slightly smaller. 20.5 stitches per 10 cm instead of 19. However, when I measure each panel, the pieces measure larger than the pattern schematic shows. I need to look at the stitch counts and redo the math to discover if this schematic shows something different that I think it does. As it stands right now, I’ve got about 5 inches positive ease instead of the 2 or 3 I thought I would have. Curious, isn’t it?

The appeasement knitting. The bistro cozy.

Bistro in bondage

Bistro in bondage

Resident non-knitter hates it. I love it. Finally, a cup of really hot tea. It’s OK. Scroll back up to that picture and laugh. It makes me laugh too. I probably could have done a more elegant design — one that looks less like coils of rope wrapped around the glass. I’m not sure I could have created a more effective design. Heat loss = zero. Brioche stitch in bulky wool yarn with I-cord loops as closures.

I also finished the sewing project that had me stalled for so long.


There are four square cushions, the round bolster cushion and the foam-covered seat cushion. For someone who hates to sew, this was one heck of a lot of sewing. Plus, I did some warm-up sewing in the way of a dog bed, a couple of cushions for the dog and a couple of travel pillows to replace the ones the RNK always looses. I even did some cool-down sewing in the form of a cushion for the chase lounge in our bedroom. Surprisingly, it all turned out OK.

I sat on the window seat for a while yesterday morning, leaning back on a couple of cushions with my feet propped up on the bolster. Cozy. Comfortable. Fantastic views of Mt. Blanca. Cold. It would be much more appealing with a fire in the fireplace. Sitting this close to a window when it’s 20 degrees out is cold.

I could sew a curtain to make it warmer. Hey I know! How about a window warmer knitted from bulky wool in brioche stitch? I could hang it from I-cord loops. Guaranteed to push the windows up to an R-value of something like, say, R = 10,398,632. Of course, it would defeat the purpose of sitting next to the window. No view.

And for sure, it would make people laugh. I’m not sure that would be quite as desirable in this situation.

One Response to “I wanted to post these pictures yesterday”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    That looks like such a great spot to sit & read or knit! Love the cushions–they’re a nice touch.

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