February 25, 2010

Do you ever read We Heart Yarn? It’s a gorgeous blog. Stunning photos and amazing knitted socks. In today’s post, Neuroknitter was tagged by a friend who wanted to know 10 things that make her happy. Neuroknitter said, “If you’re reading this…consider yourself tagged…go forth and list!!”

Since today wasn’t a particularly wonderful day (I toyed with the idea of tossing the dead desktop computer into the trash — after pulling the hard drive out of course), this seemed like a great idea.

Here goes.

10. A good cup of tea. We buy most of ours from SpecialTeas. I like a nice hot cup of a good quality Fine Lung Ching.

9. Sunshine. I sure could have used a little bit of that today.

8. Beaches with lots of seashells and driftwood and other things to look at.
Beach composition 1

7. Opal’s baby pictures.
10 weeks old

6. Sunsets.
Southwest Sunset

5. Traveling and all the wonderful new things one sees when traveling.
Northen California

4. Knitting and finishing up a project that has turned out well. I could post a picture, but which one. I’ve had a few successes over the past year. Maybe Hamefarin?

3. Ida Rose Parker, Oscar and Jakob. I love them all. They all make me happy. Delightful animals.

2. Opal.
Opal with the sun streaming through her ears.

Is is wrong to list one pet above the others? She’s just so dog-gone cute!

1. The RNK.
The Resident Non Knitter

He would not be pleased to see his photo posted here so I picked one with him incognito, shades, hood and all. We were FREEZING when I took this shot on the far east side of Tasmania. Behind the RNK lie 7,000 miles of ocean. Then South America.

If you’re reading this…consider yourself tagged…go forth and list!!


2 Responses to “Tagged”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    Hey, that’s fun ;-)). And too, it is ok to list one pet above others. Opal’s just that sort of pet. An absolute heartbreaker.
    So here’s mine:
    10: My knittee!
    9: Knitting and yarn
    8: Music
    7: Sunshine
    6: A good movie
    5: Walks
    4: Meditation
    3: Beauty in general
    2: Familiy
    1: (most important) Good friends, like overseas mail pals !!!!!!!

  2. Chrissie Says:

    I forgot one:

    A good read, like this blog ;-))))

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